Bourke Accounting’s Bookkeeper Christina was giving me assignments the other day. After glancing at the clock, which read “11:11,” I knocked wood three times, made a wish and thanked the universe. As my Bourke Accounting co-workers know that I’m superstitious, Christina simply ignored my ritual and carried on. I never fold sheets indoors. I have… Read More

Sarah: That’s not fair! Jareth, The Goblin King: You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is. Labyrinth, 1986 At Bourke Accounting, Bill has a sort of hands-off, trial by fire, mentoring approach. Consistent with this philosophy, he handed me a book chock full of the new tax changes birthed by… Read More

Driving home from Bourke Accounting, I was stuck behind a bus at a red light. Attorney T.J. Smith looked down on me from the back of the bus, his face determined, but friendly: he wore a tie, so you know he’s a pro. He wasn’t wearing a suit jacket, which means he’s down to earth.… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, Bill’s granddaughter started in-person pre-school this week. While I’m leery about school openings, the kid didn’t have a problem with it. Her mother instructed her to keep her mask on all day and showed her the extras packed in her little bookbag. The kid accepted it with a “meh, I guess this… Read More