We have all worked at places where we look at management and think how on earth is that person a manager. Managers play a  critical role in hiring and motivating employees, enforcing policies and rules, and promoting a fair and productive workplace. This is particularly true for small employers, where a single bad manager can wreak… Read More

It appears that most people are paying off their credit card debt all wrong.  Let’s say you have multiple cards with balances and a set amount of money to pay them down. The surefire way to minimize interest payments is known as the Avalanche Method: make the minimum payment on all of your cards, and then… Read More

Every year, the week before Christmas I have a huge Christmas Party for our friends, families and co workers. Aside from the food –  the big hit of the party are the games, and the favorite game is my version of the “trashy Santa swap.“ Other  people (more refined) have called this game  “Secret Santa”, “White… Read More

With the onset of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act we get many questions about how the tax changes effect your financial situation, AND the IRS gets plenty of questions as well, though they are slowly giving us the answers. (insert smiley here) Here are some recent questions they are asked (and answers) re the… Read More

After making significant progress in combating identity theft aimed at individuals, the IRS is shifting its focus to business identity theft. At a recent Nationwide Tax Forum, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen indicated that over 10,000 fraudulent business tax returns were filed by criminals during the 2017 filing seasons (up from 4,000 in 2016). This is… Read More

Severe flu season is here! Cases of flu are already on the rise across the U.S., and health officials warn the worst is yet to come. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that symptoms associated with the seasonal virus are currently wingspread in 36 states across the country. Lab tests have shown that… Read More

A group of grocery store employees teamed up for a very special delivery over the holidays – helping a customer give birth when she unexpectedly went into labor at their Fresno, California shop. After hearing the customer cry out in pain, two workers got down on the floor with the pregnant woman to help deliver… Read More

Although new federal income tax tables and rates will take effect on January 1, there may be a delay in release of withholding tax guidance from the U.S Treasury Department for employers. In the meantime, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has explained that employers may use existing (2017) withholding tax tables and guidance until new… Read More

Always, at the beginning of the year we give our employees a new W-4 so that we can withhold the correct amount of tax from their payroll checks. Life changes ( a marriage, a child or two) can create a need to update your W-4, but with the tax code changing as of January 1,… Read More

Instead of making an outright sale of commercial or investment property, the tax law enables you to “swap” it for like-kind property with out paying any current tax. However, things aren’t usually so cut-and-dried in the real world. For one thing, it is unlikely the potential buyer of your property will own any real estate… Read More