Just as art imitates life, the financial world mirrors the population’s habits. In addition, this logical trajectory includes the Internal Revenue Service – no matter what Americans get up to, the IRS will create a procedure to govern and legitimize it. It’s interesting to note that these bastions of financial civility engage in practices that,… Read More

Whether you force art or a fart, the result is the same: you end up with s**t – Someone Smart A tax return prepared by Bourke Accounting follows a linear script: W2 wages, interest income, child credit, etc. If you end up owing $17,000, your Bourke pro will feel bad, but those capital gains will… Read More

Even for the uninitiated, raising a kid looks like hard work. In earlier years, parents had to make sure their kids didn’t stick anything too metallic into anything that held too much electrical conductivity. Now, parents have to keep kids safe from predators, real and virtual, protect them from unseen viruses and try to explain… Read More

It’s September! And you all know what that means, right?! It’s time to deck the halls, light the menorah and plan your Karamu menu! It’s time for stores and car companies to fast forward through time and space (past the less lucrative holidays) to get to those sweet, sweet December festivals! While Bourke Accounting isn’t… Read More

Sarah: That’s not fair! Jareth, The Goblin King: You say that so often. I wonder what your basis for comparison is. Labyrinth, 1986 At Bourke Accounting, Bill has a sort of hands-off, trial by fire, mentoring approach. Consistent with this philosophy, he handed me a book chock full of the new tax changes birthed by… Read More

Randomly, someone will ask for my Facebook username. When I respond that I’m not on Facebook, I am met with a look that suggests that I might be a visitor from another dimension. Likewise, people find it odd that I work for Bourke Accounting and distrust the stock market. To me, there is no difference… Read More

At this point, we know that the IRS is back to work. We also know that, after a scathing report by the TIGTA regarding the IRS’ negligence in auditing the super-wealthy, the IRS is here to crack some well-heeled skulls. Well, the TIGTA wasn’t quite done with the mathematically inclined – off-the-rack – suits. It… Read More

No one likes to think about what would happen to them if rational decision making was no longer possible. An accident or the evil march of time can steal more than our physical mobility. At Bourke Accounting, everyone has a plan to make sure that their wishes are honored in a worst-case scenario (except for… Read More

Bill dropped the most recent Kiplinger Tax Letter on my Bourke Accounting desk this morning. I was working on something about staying safe for a fun summer (I’ll have to try again, I was boring myself), so I decided to take a break and see what ol’ Kiplinger had to say. “Well, I’ll be dipped,”… Read More

If income taxes were suddenly abolished, I would be out of a job. Since I like working for Bourke Accounting, and hate job interviews, that would be hard for me. Also, we’d all notice quite a change in our society if taxes were no longer a thing: sure, we’d have more money in our pockets,… Read More