The Bourke Accounting Book Club is back in session with JD Salinger’s Franny and Zooey keeping us company. JD is my favorite nonprolific reclusive writer of all time, so I’m digging it. Yesterday, we delved into the subtleties of literature over Panera Bread. My co-workers ate salads ladened with mysterious fruits and little-known vegetables as… Read More

We look around our burning and confused world and ask 2020, “What’d we ever do to you?” There’s a golfer hiding in the White House basement, busily retweeting racist things (and claiming ignorant innocence later). Everyone’s killing each other. News sources are warning of a second wave when the first hasn’t even broken yet. In… Read More

Bourke Accounting doesn’t believe in body shaming. This is not because Bourke employers fear lawsuits; this is because body shaming is cruel, infantile and inappropriate. In addition, my Bourke boss, Bill, understands that a hostile work environment inevitably leads to a decrease in work production. While Bill might be a decent fella, the bottom line… Read More

The other evening, after a busy Bourke Accounting tax season day, I didn’t feel like cooking (I don’t ever feel like cooking, but now I have a legitimate excuse). I stopped at one of my favorite take-out spots and was surprised to find a child behind the counter. She looked about 11 years old and… Read More