I once had a boss who berated me in a meeting for writing purchase orders wrong. When I pointed out that I, in fact, didn’t write purchase orders, he warned me to do it right the next time. While I was working in HR, there was a woman who called out sick at least 4… Read More

I once worked with a crew that, to put it mildly, had dirty mouths. However, we had worked together for years and we knew what we could and couldn’t get away with. One of us would say something improper and someone else would inevitably shout: HR Nightmare! We had fun. Of course, it wasn’t G-Rated… Read More

There is nothing worse than going on a job interview. It’s difficult to try, in 20 minutes or less, to convince a stranger that you are capable, able to learn and won’t want the interviewer’s job a year down the road. And, of course, you are expected to do all of that, in a non-arrogant… Read More