Years ago, I wanted to visit a pal in Philadelphia. Living in NYC, I didn’t have a car. My friend suggested that I take a Greyhound bus (except he called it “The Dirty Dog”). The fare was unbelievably cheap and the station was conveniently located. Finally, it was only about 2 hours to Philly. I… Read More

  I have a friend who lives next door to an apartment complex that houses predominately Section 8 tenants. Once, she came home to someone’s worldly possessions on the lawn and a sheriff standing by for an eviction. In the middle of the night, occasionally, she’ll look out her window and see the revolving lights… Read More

You ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. What you received was 4 large milks, a ketchup packet and a blank stare when you complained. And these guys want more pay? Well, yeah, kinda. Minimum wage jobs usually aren’t very fun. In the minimum wage world, a worker can look forward to hard work, rude… Read More

We don’t talk about religion, sex or politics at work – Bill I once worked with a woman who was very religious. Walking into her office was like walking into the gift shop at the Vatican. One time I said the “d” word in front of her (get your mind out of the gutter, I… Read More

Oh, my gosh! You must be an EMT, rushing to a life and death rescue where every second counts! You are so noble and brave! Hold on. You’re not an EMT, rushing to a life and death rescue where every second counts? Then, kindly explain to me, why, on my way to Bourke Accounting this… Read More

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows…. But the IRS does not. That’s right, friends and neighbors, because of budget cuts, controversies, employee terminations and heavier workloads (for surviving employees), your chances of being audited this year are actually rather slim. To compound the issue, the IRS reports that… Read More

Me: I am the receptionist/blogger extraordinaire at Bourke Accounting and I have to be peppy         for my job. I need to deduct my Red Bull. Taxman: No. Me: Awwww (kicking rocks). Obviously, I can’t deduct my energy drinks. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it wouldn’t make much sense anyway,… Read More

  Between pedestrian-killing, self-driving Ubers, weird things that Amazon’s Alexa is known to say and robot cops that tell people to go away when a crime is reported (and then sing a little song), there are still a few kinks to work out with automation. For example, the New York City subway once employed booth… Read More

  A few years ago, my brother and I discussed opening a shop. We’d sell funky clothes, jewelry and records (records are still cool). We even scouted different neighborhoods for a location. And then it dawned on us: we had no capital, no backers, no inventory (or any idea how to get any) and we… Read More

Bourke Accounting doesn’t like thieves because thieves are dirty. Whether it’s an idiot teenager stealing $20 worth of pennies at a house party or Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling stealing millions, both are equally filthy. It hurts more when the thief is someone who was once close to you, though. Now that tax season is upon us,… Read More