I have never been honestly and truly yelled at while working at Bourke Accounting. Oh, sure, if I make a mistake, I’ll get a wisenheimer comment from one of the bosses, but full-tilt crazy person screaming tantrum? No, not yet. Likewise, I have never been physically assaulted while working at Bourke Accounting. No matter what… Read More

So what we want to do is we want to get our schools open. We want to get them open quickly, beautifully, in the fall. And the — as you know, this is a disease that’s a horrible disease, but young people do extraordinarily well – That Guy, White House Briefing At Bourke Accounting, we… Read More

I am a feminist: women and men are equal. That’s it, end of my concept and moving on. Tim was first made aware of this at a Bourke Accounting staff meeting when he referred to his most exalted and loyal (mainly female) workers as “you girls.” Before we gather the pitchforks, poor Tim had never… Read More

On my first day at Bourke Accounting, Bill asked if I’d rather be called “Susan” or “Sue.” I’ve never liked either name, but since only nuns and angry people call me “Susan,” I’m Sue. At the end of the day, it’s just a name and I don’t really care (“Susie” is and always will be… Read More

Bill dropped the most recent Kiplinger Tax Letter on my Bourke Accounting desk this morning. I was working on something about staying safe for a fun summer (I’ll have to try again, I was boring myself), so I decided to take a break and see what ol’ Kiplinger had to say. “Well, I’ll be dipped,”… Read More

We look around our burning and confused world and ask 2020, “What’d we ever do to you?” There’s a golfer hiding in the White House basement, busily retweeting racist things (and claiming ignorant innocence later). Everyone’s killing each other. News sources are warning of a second wave when the first hasn’t even broken yet. In… Read More

I was filling in for Phil the other day here at Bourke Accounting. Bill asked me to turn on the high-def TV and put something unoffensive on – Phil usually chooses some sort of pastoral scene with gently swaying flowers. Technology scares me and I was looking at two remote controls (my TV at home… Read More

None who attacks them can escape, and none can catch them if they desire not to be found – Herodotus, on the Scythians – 5th Century BCE Over here at Bourke Accounting, Bill breezed by and, nonchalantly, asked what I was working on (sometimes he wonders what he’s paying me for). In a perfectly rambling… Read More

Forgive my intrusion, but fine as those sentiments sound / Little has changed for us peasants down here on the ground – “The Actress Hasn’t Learned the Lines” – Evita At Bourke Accounting, Bill is the leader – what he says goes. However, he’s not a megalomaniac; if he is presented with coherent evidence regarding… Read More

I just realized that I have never gotten an internal parasite from eating lunch at Bourke Accounting’s weekly staff meeting. As internal parasites are one of my greatest fears (2nd only to bedbugs), I am pleased by this streak of good luck. However, since some of you may be traveling this summer, I decided that… Read More