Me: I am the receptionist/blogger extraordinaire at Bourke Accounting and I have to be peppy         for my job. I need to deduct my Red Bull. Taxman: No. Me: Awwww (kicking rocks). Obviously, I can’t deduct my energy drinks. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it wouldn’t make much sense anyway,… Read More

  The Holidays are coming. As most of us are wading through crowds at the mall and looking online for impossible presents for that impossible cousin, I’d like to pause for a moment to pity all of the business owners out there. Not only do business owners have to think of clever gifts for their… Read More

Divorce is hard. According to, stress from divorce ranks right up there with a loved one’s death, relocating and losing a job. Generally, no one takes The Vow with the intention of getting divorced later; we’re looking for our happily ever after, not a messy break-up. As if divorce wasn’t traumatic enough, it seems… Read More