No one has student loan debt at Bourke Accounting. This is especially nice for me, as I’d feel kind of stupid spending 10-21 years paying off the ability to write a paper on Beowulf. Oddly enough, that’s not a talent most 9-5 jobs are really clamoring for (I know! I’m surprised, too!). Even though the… Read More

Sick days are no fun (legitimate ones, anyway): moping around the house, feeling awful and, maybe for extra happy awesome time, spending a few hours in the doctor’s office. And then there’s the added bonuses of lost money and guilt for having co-workers take up the slack. Sick days are no fun. If you think… Read More

  Announcer: From Generation X, the generation that brought you Grunge, wholesale tattoos, piercings and a cynical world view, let’s all welcome a complete lack of retirement plans! Audience of Gen Xers: Yaa – wait, what’d he say? Bill over here at Bourke Accounting randomly gives me interesting articles. Yesterday, he gave me one that… Read More

I have never been to prison (Tim and Bill were shocked, too!), but from what I’ve read, it’s not a very nice place. All the documentaries on TV really paint prison as the ultimate uncomfortable living situation: one must constantly meet new people, there is no autonomy regarding bedroom décor and, you know, sometimes one… Read More

  The Holidays are coming. As most of us are wading through crowds at the mall and looking online for impossible presents for that impossible cousin, I’d like to pause for a moment to pity all of the business owners out there. Not only do business owners have to think of clever gifts for their… Read More