I once had a boss who berated me in a meeting for writing purchase orders wrong. When I pointed out that I, in fact, didn’t write purchase orders, he warned me to do it right the next time. While I was working in HR, there was a woman who called out sick at least 4… Read More

I don’t have to tell you that the holiday season is upon us. We have already tolerated the same 3 Christmas songs on a mind-bending loop as we have struggled through the mall (and every other public space). We have donated to well-meaning Santas collecting for well-meaning causes, we have bought some nice things for… Read More

I have a friend who keeps his used band aids. My grandmother saved empty Chanel No. 5 bottles. Some things we save are sentimental: 3rd grade history essays, love letters from the neat guy we met on Spring Break 20 years ago, signed pictures of Corey Feldman. In a world where we save so many… Read More

  In 1993, San Francisco citizens came out in droves to vote to allow a police officer to “walk his beat with a ventriloquist’s dummy,” according to Mentalfloss.com. This was part of a program to “break down barriers between citizens and police.” Nothing screams “trust me” like a grown man walking down the street with… Read More

The internet is capable of a lot of damage. Infidelity, petty arguments, too much wasted time playing Cookie Cats and, we know, even arrests. But there’s one thing that is often overlooked: a lot of our country’s primary source history is now on the web. Because of the internet, we don’t only get the chance… Read More

I work for tax preparers. Because of that, I am now in the process of gearing up for my Super Bowl, my Mardi Gras, my harvest season. I am eating better, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. I am getting ready for Tax Season. Of course, this changes my life – longer… Read More

  There are many “Words of wisdom” out there: Don’t run with scissors.  Don’t take a bath with a toaster.  Don’t eat green chicken.  These all make a lot of sense.  In these new and interesting times, I think one really important concept is overlooked: Don’t Tattle on Yourself.  This is pretty similar to don’t… Read More

Years ago, I was walking by a “hole in the wall bar” on St. Mark’s Place.  The misspelled sandwich board outside advertised David Johansen playing TOONIGHT ONLY!  What?!  David Johansen?  The New York Dolls front man, the godfather of punk, the man, briefly (and for his sins) known as Buster Poindexter? I paid my five… Read More

I did it.  I finally did it! I feel like I bumped into Gandhi at Walgreens.  I feel like I sat down at Bull McCabe’s and shared a drink with Richard Hell.  This is the level of coolness regarding my latest experience. I met a former Chippendales dancer. For those of you unaware, Chippendales was a place where,… Read More

My pal used to run a construction business.  As it turned out, it wasn’t as lucrative as he would have hoped and he closed it down.  Hey, what can you do?  It was worth a shot, better luck next time, no harm, no foul, right?  He filled out paperwork to dissolve the business, got a… Read More