The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates Wal-Mart…do they, like, make walls there? – Paris Hilton Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers are fairly deep. Bill can talk about most art movements of that last 700 years. Tim can hip you to a lot of… Read More

  Announcer: From Generation X, the generation that brought you Grunge, wholesale tattoos, piercings and a cynical world view, let’s all welcome a complete lack of retirement plans! Audience of Gen Xers: Yaa – wait, what’d he say? Bill over here at Bourke Accounting randomly gives me interesting articles. Yesterday, he gave me one that… Read More

  Did you overdo it this weekend? Did you spend your Sunday rearranging furniture? Maybe, to get ready for your appointment with your Bourke Accounting tax preparer or bookkeeper, you were forced to stand under hot water until the broken glass in your back melted. Maybe you uttered attractive moans and groans while you put… Read More

We have to read two sections of the Bourke Accounting Book Club selection, Jen Sincero’s, “You Are a Bada*s” by Wednesday. I haven’t read it yet. The book is sitting on my table. I walk by it every day and promise: I’ll read it when I get home. Annnd then, when I get home, I… Read More

You already know that Bourke Accounting professionals hate thieves. Whether it’s identity thieves, scammers preying on the uninformed or flat-out take the money and run types, Bourke Accounting has no stomach for the whole evil lot. However, there’s another group out there that might be more insidious than the rest. This group takes advantage of… Read More

We all know about The Five-Second Rule. You drop a cookie on the floor, look around, pick it up (maybe blow on it) and eat it. If someone else is in the room, you shout: Five-Second Rule! Generally, the other person shrugs and concedes. I mean, come on. Five-Second Rule. The Five-Second Rule doesn’t apply… Read More

Does the idea of Valentine’s Day fill you with wonder and anticipation? Have you been planning an elaborate spectacle for the last six months to prove your love? Perhaps you’re intending to propose to your intended. If that’s the case, the “Proposal of the Century Package” at the Langham Huntington in California is just the… Read More

You just made it onto the elevator because the gentleman inside held the door for you. You find that the button for your floor, the 23rd, is already lit up. You nod “thank you” to the guy and face the door. The elevator, notoriously slow, begins to rise. And then. Oh, no. “What about this… Read More

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers – Voltaire Have you ever had an almost total stranger ask you extremely personal or inappropriate questions? Like, if parts of your body are real or how much money you make? I think everyone has had this experience.  Every time this happens, I’m left… Read More

This morning, my alarm told me that it was time to get up for a new day at Bourke Accounting. I put my feet on the floor and my toes went: Snap, Crackle, Pop. I stood up and my knees said: Bing, Bong, Blip. I bent down to kiss the dogs and my back –… Read More