Turning Your Hobby Into a Business You’ve loved dogs all your life so you decide to start a dog training business. Turning your hobby into a business can provide tax benefits if you do it right. But it can create a big tax headache if you do it wrong. One of the main benefits of… Read More

When Bourke Accounting experts first started seeing lists of personal gender pronouns (“PGPs”) included in email signatures, it didn’t faze them; in fact, it was considered helpful to know what clients would like to be called.  Bourke Accounting pros don’t lament that more sensitivity and respect are required in this changing world – rather, they… Read More

Kill them with kindness, show some chutzpah – Stephanie Rach’s mom Do you know what’s better than fancy cars or free money?  Interesting people.  An unexpected perk of working at Bourke Accounting is the opportunity to interact with interesting people on a regular basis.  For example, I recently interviewed two fascinating business owners for Bourke… Read More

When Bourke Accounting moved to our current and lovely location, changes were made.  Accent walls were painted, pictures were hung and knick knacks were strategically placed around the office.  Management transformed impersonal Suite 102 into the welcoming Home of Bourke Accounting that it is today.  Whether it’s hanging fuzzy dice from the rearview or putting… Read More

It’s amazing how some decisions, theoretically made with a clear head, can lead to completely disastrous outcomes.  For example, if you had your tax returns done by a certain well-known strip mall “accounting firm” instead of Bourke Accounting last year, you might have noticed a delay in your second stimulus payment.  For some reason, the… Read More

Spector was the ultimate example of the art always being better than the artist. – Stevie Van Zandt Spector was a murderer and an abusive maniac. – Drew Carey Bourke Accounting is a good accounting firm.  Our bookkeepers and tax preparers are determined, conscientious and talented.  Bourke may not go down in history as prominently… Read More

  Tomorrow never happens, man. – Janis Joplin Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers don’t practice procrastination.  The Bourke opinion is something along the lines of, “don’t wait ‘til tomorrow because you don’t know what tomorrow will be like.”  While Bourkers don’t procrastinate, this is not to say that they don’t engage in brief and… Read More

From management to me, Bourke Accounting workers are expected to keep their desks neat.  Because searching for important documents wastes time and a bombed-out desk looks bad, this directive makes sense.  Also, it’s much easier to forget an assignment when 20 Post-it notes, haphazardly stuck to the computer screen, vie for priority attention.  Even beyond… Read More

The floors are so clean at Bourke Accounting, you could eat off of them (if that’s your thing).  Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers are also pretty clean; they smell good, dress nicely, speak nicely and prepare financial statements nicely.  In fact, if you didn’t know better, you might be tempted to label them as… Read More

Bill at Bourke Accounting once warned that Bourke employees should avoid talking about politics, sex or religion with clients.  This was sound advice last year, but it’s imperative this year.  As a country, we have become polarized to the point that a few inches of cloth are causing assaults.  If we can’t avoid stabbing each… Read More