A friend of a friend called the other day after learning that I work for Bourke Accounting. She wanted to know why she only received $1,200 as her stimulus payment and not $2,400. As a single mother of a 25-year-old son (with a family of his own), Facebook told her that she’s entitled to double… Read More

Bill at Bourke Accounting does not like change. I don’t mean progress or new ideas, I mean the jingle jangle in your pockets, nickels and dimes, change. As Bill is a little OCD, it might be the inherent messiness of change that he finds distasteful. It could even be the fact that too many moving… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, we’re allowed to have personal items on our desks. Pictures of family, funky bits of art, flowers – as long as it’s not offensive, it’s permitted. However, we are not allowed clutter; if a worker’s “World’s Best Mom” mug collection is stacked three deep on her desk with more on the floor,… Read More

At this point, we know that the IRS is back to work. We also know that, after a scathing report by the TIGTA regarding the IRS’ negligence in auditing the super-wealthy, the IRS is here to crack some well-heeled skulls. Well, the TIGTA wasn’t quite done with the mathematically inclined – off-the-rack – suits. It… Read More

I’m no fortunate one or anything like that, but my parents sent me to horseback riding summer camp when I was younger. Their thinking was that I could either waste a few months with the pyromaniac kid down the street or learn to ride at a working farm. After all, the prospect of a broken… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, we don’t really exhibit any exotic phobias. While we may be a little quirky over here, we’re not going to keep any psychologists riveted. While I suspect that Bookkeeper Christina might be suffering from atychiphobia (fear of failure), that’s kind of a good thing, as she’s a perfectionist in a specialized career.… Read More

It’s a hot and sticky summer night. The stagnant air is alive with the buzzing of cicadas. Oh, no! What’s that slithering through the grass? It’s a venomous copperhead! You’ve never seen a copperhead in your yard before! Why is it here? Oh, right, those cicadas. As it turns out, copperheads very much enjoy cicadas,… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, I am often accused of leaning towards the “dark side.” While my co-workers are now dressed in summery pastels and floral prints, I’m still favoring mostly black. Bookkeeper Mary regales us with funny stories about her grandchildren; I wonder aloud if the bubonic squirrel found in Colorado is a harbinger of the… Read More

No one likes to think about what would happen to them if rational decision making was no longer possible. An accident or the evil march of time can steal more than our physical mobility. At Bourke Accounting, everyone has a plan to make sure that their wishes are honored in a worst-case scenario (except for… Read More

By the time you read this, Bourke Accounting will be welcoming Phil and Bill back (with socially distanced and virtual open arms) from vacation. I am a little wary about traveling right now, but I’ve come to learn that my Bourke co-workers aren’t as insanely, overly cautious as I am. Since there are a lot… Read More