You know that we are animal friendly at Bourke Accounting. Both Bill and Bookkeeper Christina like dogs. Some Bourke Accounting experts like unicorns, some prefer kitties, some really dig birds. And of course, I want to be a panther. All of these animals, both real and fantastical, are super cool. However, there is one animal… Read More

Stimulus Check? More like Stimufuss Check. All right, all right, that was lame. Okay, what about: Stimulus Check? More like StimuNotForUs Check. That was even worse. I’m going to stop trying. But. I do have a point: There are many problems with the Coronavirus Economic Impact Payments. This week, a lot of us received our… Read More

Life has gotten very odd. At Bourke Accounting, people can’t stop to chat when dropping off their paperwork. Smiles are hidden behind masks and there are no more handshakes; everyone seems to be sizing each other up as potential harbingers of plague. However, there is a certain – albeit physically distant – solidarity because we… Read More

Sociopaths know the difference between right and wrong; they just don’t care – My Psychology 101 Professor I don’t lose sleep over what I have done or have nightmares about it – Dennis Nilsen, Serial Killer We are not sociopaths at Bourke Accounting. In fact, we’re pretty sympathetic towards one another. For example, when an… Read More

I love putting spices in things. For example, when I make spaghetti sauce, I cackle, spin around and add dashes of oregano, basil (fresh), garlic (both powdered and fresh) and my super-secret ingredient (maybe, someday, I’ll tell you the super-secret – no, it’s not Soylent Green). Then, when it’s simmering good and proper, I repeatedly… Read More

Since I fill in for Phil as Phil Jr. at Bourke Accounting, I’ve been fielding a couple of calls here and there. Naturally, the most common caller right now has questions about their Coronavirus Stimulus check. First, there’s the inquiry regarding when it will come. I hip everyone to the IRS’ website – coming in… Read More

Yes, I was a wild one in my ill-spent youth. With my blue mohawk and nose rings, my Bourke Accounting co-workers and employers would not have recognized me. And I had a lot of friends. I had pals to go drinking with, I had buddies to go to punk rock shows with, I even had… Read More

I want to be a travel journalist and I have to say you were my main inspiration and encouraged me with that. When I was a tiny kid and made cr*ppy poems, you always encouraged me – Text my little cousin sent me At Bourke Accounting and before all the Corona social distancing, Bookkeeper Christina… Read More