Next week is the start of the new year.  Besides unrepentantly neglected resolutions and hangovers, the new year is important for another reason.  The beginning of the new year also means new client tax organizers!  Bourke Accounting clients will be pleased to know that these organizational packets of bliss will be hitting their mailboxes soon! … Read More

Although it might not feel like it this year, we are heading into the festive season. At Bourke Accounting, some of us are already avoiding fast food and introducing healthier habits into our lives. You might be doing the same thing right now – we all want to look nice in our Halloween costumes, holiday… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, we don’t really exhibit any exotic phobias. While we may be a little quirky over here, we’re not going to keep any psychologists riveted. While I suspect that Bookkeeper Christina might be suffering from atychiphobia (fear of failure), that’s kind of a good thing, as she’s a perfectionist in a specialized career.… Read More

As I’ve said numerous times, Bourke Accounting denizens try to keep healthy. Whether it’s taking a morning multi-vitamin or drinking plenty of water, we want to feel and look good. We’re not attempting to cheat Death, we only want to roll out of bed – without body parts screaming in protest. Bourke Accounting workers don’t… Read More

On an average Bourke Accounting workday, I’m up by 4:30 AM. I don’t leave the house until 7:30, but I like drawn-out, non-rushed mornings. I sit on my back porch, drink coffee (I just bought some nice chicory) look at the moon, plan out my day and, um, yeah, smoke cigarettes. I know, I know,… Read More

When I was ten years old, my parents, being very permissive in terms of literature, handed me a copy of Stephen King’s The Stand. I found it absolutely interesting/terrifying that, because of a few wrong moves, the population of this fictional Earth was virtually decimated. Of course, this book focused on supernatural concepts of good… Read More

Bill at Bourke Accounting doesn’t dye his hair. He’s gray and he’s proud. Some of Bourke Accounting’s bookkeepers may or may not dye the gray – I will not divulge who does, as that seems indelicate and dangerous. As for me, I’m at a stage where I’m not sure if I want to lose the… Read More