In today’s hectic and ever changing tax world I get many questions and asked about specific circumstances that you would hope would be an easy answer. Not always. A recent question reminded me of all the rules for divorced and separated parents – so I thought I’d share. A client lives with her “significant other”… Read More

  Recently, a reality television host and “billionaire” has been accused of not paying his federal income tax for years. Civilian taxpayers roll their eyes, think “how stupid/greedy can one guy be?” and move on to the next article. Wealthy celebrities in tax trouble aren’t new; we’ve witnessed rich folk like Wesley Snipes and Willie… Read More

It’s been gloomy in Louisville. So sometimes, after a busy Bourke Accounting tax season day, I go to the tanning salon (I know, I know, it’s not great for me, but I’m not going full-tilt George Hamilton here). The subject of taxes came up while I was speaking with the young woman behind the counter.… Read More

  2018 marks the first year of filing tax returns using 500 plus pages of tax code changes passed into law in late 2017. To help you plan for the new rules, here are the four biggest changes and their potential impact on your return. Tax rates are lower. While five of the seven tax… Read More