Recently, a reality television host and “billionaire” has been accused of not paying his federal income tax for years. Civilian taxpayers roll their eyes, think “how stupid/greedy can one guy be?” and move on to the next article. Wealthy celebrities in tax trouble aren’t new; we’ve witnessed rich folk like Wesley Snipes and Willie… Read More

At this point, we know that the IRS is back to work. We also know that, after a scathing report by the TIGTA regarding the IRS’ negligence in auditing the super-wealthy, the IRS is here to crack some well-heeled skulls. Well, the TIGTA wasn’t quite done with the mathematically inclined – off-the-rack – suits. It… Read More

Average football player salary = $2.1 million per year Average teacher salary = $39,249 per year My ma used to be a receptionist (much like your Bourke Accounting narrator), but, as she had always wanted to be a teacher, she earned her degree. When I say that she was good, she was really good. I… Read More