Good co-workers are like staple removers: they’re incredibly useful and, once you’ve experienced one, you can’t imagine ever going without. Take Bourke Accounting for example. If you were to step into Bourke’s breakroom, you’d be amazed at the amount of information going back and forth. Having relationship issues? There’s a co-worker to encourage you not… Read More

It’s not that I’m rebelling. It’s that I’m just trying to find another way. – Edie Sedgwick I’ve mentioned before that Bourke Accounting encourages employees to make our workspaces our own. I’ve also said that my favorite decoration is the Edie Sedgwick print over my desk. For most people, Edie’s beauty was her only memorable… Read More

On my first day at Bourke Accounting, Bill asked if I’d rather be called “Susan” or “Sue.” I’ve never liked either name, but since only nuns and angry people call me “Susan,” I’m Sue. At the end of the day, it’s just a name and I don’t really care (“Susie” is and always will be… Read More

None of my Bourke Accounting co-workers were homeschooled. Maybe our parents weren’t very innovative, but we all gained our educations using the regular channels of school and college. In fact, throughout my entire life, I’ve only known one homeschooled person. Some parents cite that, in what appears to be an increasingly violent society, they can… Read More

Oh, come on! Political unrest, protesting in the streets, The Plague, unemployment, Depression-like economics and now, now, we have killer bees? Okay, I’m done, thanks, but no thanks, I QUIT and I’m going back to 2019. You guys call me when you have 2020 sorted out. I first became aware of Asian giant hornets (AKA… Read More

My Bourke Accounting co-workers can attest to how easy-going Receptionist Phil and I are. We are breaths of fresh air; we are cheerful, helpful and all-around joys to interact with. Yes, Phil and I are amazing. But now, I can no longer hold my tongue. I cannot avoid speaking about the travesty that has been… Read More

My Fellow Geminis: Now is the time to stand up for our rights and for our dignity. For too long we have been marginalized, insulted and abused. We are the black sheep of the astrological world and it is only because the rest of the Zodiac is jealous of us. We are beautiful, intelligent, adaptable… Read More

My co-workers at Bourke Accounting like plants. Bookkeepers Christina and Mary have brightly colored flowering things on their desks (I have no idea what they are). It’s weird, but most Bourke Accounting professionals tend to some sort of garden or window box at their homes. We’re not talking about New York Botanical Garden set-ups, but… Read More

Driving home from Bourke Accounting, I saw a maintenance crew. There was a guy standing at the edge of the road with a sign that read “Slow.” I watched as a few motorists came within inches of clipping him. His face remained passive and he didn’t step back; I wasn’t sure that he was even… Read More

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Bill’s Bourke Book Club. Ever since the current situation started up, our book club meetings have been adjourned. While it’s true that Bill’s choices are on the self-help side of the spectrum, the books include a lot of naughty words and some vaguely sexual language. Basically,… Read More