Randomly, someone will ask for my Facebook username. When I respond that I’m not on Facebook, I am met with a look that suggests that I might be a visitor from another dimension. Likewise, people find it odd that I work for Bourke Accounting and distrust the stock market. To me, there is no difference… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, Bill’s granddaughter started in-person pre-school this week. While I’m leery about school openings, the kid didn’t have a problem with it. Her mother instructed her to keep her mask on all day and showed her the extras packed in her little bookbag. The kid accepted it with a “meh, I guess this… Read More

On July 17, I wrote a Bourke Accounting blog about Kanye West and his interesting bid for the presidency. On July 19, West held a campaign rally in South Carolina, where he unveiled equally interesting concepts. While he has more records, companies and money than most of us, West is basically a civilian with no… Read More