Winter is coming! For a lot of you, that means traveling to a secluded beach for 2 weeks, basking in unfamiliar sun and lots and lots of little umbrella drinks. Good for you! Go pretend the past months were just part of a bad, dystopian novel. However (and this is not the sound of jealousy… Read More

Bookkeepers and tax preparers (like you’ll find at Bourke Accounting) fill a lot of different roles. Besides being financial experts, they are confessors, psychologists and peacemakers. Above everything else, they must be sensitive to their clients. However, tax pros can’t be too sensitive or else they’ll end up taking things personally – a customer with… Read More

The Bourke Accounting Book Club is back in session with JD Salinger’s Franny and Zooey keeping us company. JD is my favorite nonprolific reclusive writer of all time, so I’m digging it. Yesterday, we delved into the subtleties of literature over Panera Bread. My co-workers ate salads ladened with mysterious fruits and little-known vegetables as… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, one of Bookkeeper Christina’s hobbies is playing bingo. She goes to a bingo hall, has bingo pals and even attends bingo pals’ birthdays parties. The entire thing is just so wholesome. She has invited me to go, but without cocktail servers, I think it might be a little too wholesome for me.… Read More

I have never been honestly and truly yelled at while working at Bourke Accounting. Oh, sure, if I make a mistake, I’ll get a wisenheimer comment from one of the bosses, but full-tilt crazy person screaming tantrum? No, not yet. Likewise, I have never been physically assaulted while working at Bourke Accounting. No matter what… Read More

Just when I thought I could no longer be surprised by shady people and the shady things they get up to….ARRRRGGHHH! Let me rewind. As you know, I like working for Bourke Accounting. My co-workers are cool, the boss is…interesting and I like the job. I also like the steady schedule: 8 AM to 5… Read More

In the wake of recent, devastating events and the social fallout, the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be taking up as much space in the collective unconscious. Perhaps this is because, after fighting an unseen enemy for months, Americans now have a tangible personification of evil in Derek Chauvin. Like the rest of the world, Bourke… Read More

Bourke Accounting clients are pretty nice. They’re polite, they’re friendly and they don’t make ridiculous demands that are impossible to meet. Most importantly, our clients don’t talk down to any of us. I like them. I realized how very lucky I am yesterday while at a Walgreens. Prominently displayed was a sign in the window… Read More

A while ago, in a Bourke Accounting blog, I mentioned that I am a big fan of old radio dramas. One of my favorites is called The Black Museum, hosted by Orson Welles. On this program, Welles describes a mundane object, like a coat button, and proceeds to illustrate how everyday items have been integral… Read More

I can’t wear my favorite shirt to work at Bourke Accounting. It’s a Richard Hell and The Voidoids t-shirt that I acquired about 20 years ago. When I say this shirt is broken in, I mean it’s one step away from being indecent. But I love it. It’s paper thin and as soft as Charmin… Read More