Sometimes, it’s good to show your political views. Going to the voting booth is a good way; donating money to your favorite candidate’s campaign is another. However, during these decisive times, passionately arguing for your side at social functions or at work should probably be avoided. Even at Bourke Accounting, where free expression is valued,… Read More

Even for the uninitiated, raising a kid looks like hard work. In earlier years, parents had to make sure their kids didn’t stick anything too metallic into anything that held too much electrical conductivity. Now, parents have to keep kids safe from predators, real and virtual, protect them from unseen viruses and try to explain… Read More

At this point, we know that the IRS is back to work. We also know that, after a scathing report by the TIGTA regarding the IRS’ negligence in auditing the super-wealthy, the IRS is here to crack some well-heeled skulls. Well, the TIGTA wasn’t quite done with the mathematically inclined – off-the-rack – suits. It… Read More

Life has gotten very odd. At Bourke Accounting, people can’t stop to chat when dropping off their paperwork. Smiles are hidden behind masks and there are no more handshakes; everyone seems to be sizing each other up as potential harbingers of plague. However, there is a certain – albeit physically distant – solidarity because we… Read More