In case you missed it, the Internal Revenue Service published the new 2018 W-4 form in March. As you know, accurate withholding is meant to get individuals close to their true tax liability at the end of the year. However, the new tax code, passed into law in December, made significant changes to calculations for… Read More

With the onset of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act we get many questions about how the tax changes effect your financial situation, AND the IRS gets plenty of questions as well, though they are slowly giving us the answers. (insert smiley here) Here are some recent questions they are asked (and answers) re the… Read More

Always, at the beginning of the year we give our employees a new W-4 so that we can withhold the correct amount of tax from their payroll checks. Life changes ( a marriage, a child or two) can create a need to update your W-4, but with the tax code changing as of January 1,… Read More