Dedication is a funny thing. There are some people out there who are willing to suffer, and sometimes die, for their passion. For example, Ludwig Van composed his “greatest works…including the Ninth Symphony” ( while completely deaf. Marie Curie died of “aplastic anemia from exposure to radiation” ( caused by her research. And then there’s… Read More

You just made it onto the elevator because the gentleman inside held the door for you. You find that the button for your floor, the 23rd, is already lit up. You nod “thank you” to the guy and face the door. The elevator, notoriously slow, begins to rise. And then. Oh, no. “What about this… Read More

Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers – Voltaire Have you ever had an almost total stranger ask you extremely personal or inappropriate questions? Like, if parts of your body are real or how much money you make? I think everyone has had this experience.  Every time this happens, I’m left… Read More

This morning, my alarm told me that it was time to get up for a new day at Bourke Accounting. I put my feet on the floor and my toes went: Snap, Crackle, Pop. I stood up and my knees said: Bing, Bong, Blip. I bent down to kiss the dogs and my back –… Read More

I’m pretty sure that this has happened to you: you are attempting to buy something at the corner store. Annnnd…the cashier is more entranced by the cellphone than the live and paying customer who is standing right here. I mean, it’s great that you made it to level 400 of Candy Crush, but could you… Read More

I have conducted job interviews and I have hated it. In the beginning, I wanted to hire everyone who walked through the door. It took 3 bad disappointments to make me not want to hire anyone. For example, there was the guy who couldn’t figure out how to operate a cup. A drinking cup. A… Read More

I think I told you that Bill has involved his Bourke Accounting employees in a book club (the new book is Jen Sincero’s, “You Are a BadA*s”). Last week, at our meeting, the question was raised: Do you forgive easily? Most everyone answered that yes, in fact, they do forgive easily. There’s no point in… Read More

You just got married? How nice for you! Your new husband is great; he’s smart and sweet, caring and good-looking. He’s good to your family and he’s good to your dog. All in all, he’s the total package…except for one thing: he didn’t exactly tell you how bad his debt was before you happily said,… Read More

Since starting work at Bourke Accounting on September 30th, I have never arrived late. I am a grownup and know how both punctuality and alarms operate. I don’t know the repercussions for lateness (I could read the Bourke handbook, but I like surprises), and unless something catastrophic occurs, my perfect record will remain and I… Read More

Bourke Accounting doesn’t think for you. In fact, our Bourke Accounting tax preparers and bookkeepers don’t want to think for you. They simply share their knowledge, honestly tell you how things stand and allow you to make your own decisions. They might offer an opinion, but at the end of the day, they will neither… Read More