At Bourke Accounting, my office neighbor is Bookkeeper Mary. She’s a good neighbor – she doesn’t blast Cardi B., she doesn’t talk to herself any more than I do and she’s always willing to answer a question. I have lucked out. Sadly, my neighbors in real life aren’t quite as wonderful. A man has been… Read More

Sick days are no fun (legitimate ones, anyway): moping around the house, feeling awful and, maybe for extra happy awesome time, spending a few hours in the doctor’s office. And then there’s the added bonuses of lost money and guilt for having co-workers take up the slack. Sick days are no fun. If you think… Read More

When I interviewed for my position at Bourke Accounting, Bill noticed that I had earned a degree in Literature. He asked, “What have you been doing with your degree?” I replied, “Well, this, I guess.” Yes, a degree in Literature is rather pointless if one does not wish to teach (and this one doesn’t), but… Read More