From management to me, Bourke Accounting workers are expected to keep their desks neat.  Because searching for important documents wastes time and a bombed-out desk looks bad, this directive makes sense.  Also, it’s much easier to forget an assignment when 20 Post-it notes, haphazardly stuck to the computer screen, vie for priority attention.  Even beyond… Read More

Although the holiday season is over, you may find that you’re still receiving gifts from friends and acquaintances.   It’s nice to be surprised on a dismal Tuesday, after the holiday hype, with a giftbag vomiting sparkly tissue paper.  In fact, here at Bourke Accounting, we just received a box of chocolate-covered Oreos from a vendor;… Read More

Next week is the start of the new year.  Besides unrepentantly neglected resolutions and hangovers, the new year is important for another reason.  The beginning of the new year also means new client tax organizers!  Bourke Accounting clients will be pleased to know that these organizational packets of bliss will be hitting their mailboxes soon! … Read More

Recently, Bourke’s Super Podcast featured Phil, Bourke Accounting’s Administrative Executive.  During his interview, Phil spoke about seeing The Black Crowes perform and marveled at how great they play live.  The comment was made that it’s obvious who uses studio trickery when a band is left all alone in front of an audience – poor musicianship can’t be… Read More

Bourke Accounting professionals and Santa Claus have one important thing in common: they both know if you’ve been bad or good. Unlike judgmental Santa, though, if you’ve been bad, Bourke Accounting tax preparers won’t abandon you to your coal-filled fate. If you cashed out your 401(k) early to invest in a remake of Battleship Earth,… Read More

None of my Bourke Accounting co-workers were homeschooled. Maybe our parents weren’t very innovative, but we all gained our educations using the regular channels of school and college. In fact, throughout my entire life, I’ve only known one homeschooled person. Some parents cite that, in what appears to be an increasingly violent society, they can… Read More

Before starting at Bourke Accounting, I worked with a felon. He shot a guy in the butt with a .22. He maintained that shooting little buddy in the butt was his intention, but I tend to think it wasn’t. He was a good guy, wasn’t any more dangerous than our non-felonious crew and was a… Read More

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him – Malcolm Forbes I have worked for Bourke Accounting since September. In that time, I have yet to experience an entitled Bourke Accounting client. Everyone who has walked through the door has treated Bourke bookkeepers,… Read More