Since I fill in for Phil as Phil Jr. at Bourke Accounting, I’ve been fielding a couple of calls here and there. Naturally, the most common caller right now has questions about their Coronavirus Stimulus check. First, there’s the inquiry regarding when it will come. I hip everyone to the IRS’ website – coming in… Read More

I love spin-offs. As a kid, watching Mork & Mindy, I was taken aback when my dad remarked that Mork from Ork had originally appeared on an episode of Happy Days. At that point, I still wasn’t totally convinced that TV actors weren’t tiny people living inside that box, so the idea that they could… Read More

You just got married? How nice for you! Your new husband is great; he’s smart and sweet, caring and good-looking. He’s good to your family and he’s good to your dog. All in all, he’s the total package…except for one thing: he didn’t exactly tell you how bad his debt was before you happily said,… Read More

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows…. But the IRS does not. That’s right, friends and neighbors, because of budget cuts, controversies, employee terminations and heavier workloads (for surviving employees), your chances of being audited this year are actually rather slim. To compound the issue, the IRS reports that… Read More

  The Holidays are coming. As most of us are wading through crowds at the mall and looking online for impossible presents for that impossible cousin, I’d like to pause for a moment to pity all of the business owners out there. Not only do business owners have to think of clever gifts for their… Read More