Considering our current viral interloper, health care and health insurance are more important than ever. We hear reports of parents too afraid of the specter of homelessness to seek medical attention for sick children. Anecdotal stories of entire families struggling through Corona infection, without doctor involvement, have become commonplace. If we didn’t know that health… Read More

The year Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it to the Supreme Court, I had a hip, young, Converse-wearing math teacher. He delighted in telling his female students that we could be anything: if a door closed in our faces, we were made to kick it down, no man-made barriers could hold us back, the world was… Read More

For a lot of Americans, that clanging early morning alarm is more threatening than a man in a white van asking for help finding his puppy. Wiping jagged bits of sleep from your eyes, you bribe yourself to get going with the promise that there is light at the end of the tunnel; someday, someday,… Read More