Randomly, someone will ask for my Facebook username. When I respond that I’m not on Facebook, I am met with a look that suggests that I might be a visitor from another dimension. Likewise, people find it odd that I work for Bourke Accounting and distrust the stock market. To me, there is no difference… Read More

You just got married? How nice for you! Your new husband is great; he’s smart and sweet, caring and good-looking. He’s good to your family and he’s good to your dog. All in all, he’s the total package…except for one thing: he didn’t exactly tell you how bad his debt was before you happily said,… Read More

I landed my first job at 13.  I worked every day after school and on Saturdays for $5.00 an hour at a dry-cleaners.  Looking back, I don’t know why I was so anxious to join the workforce.  Looking back, with a bit more experience, I’m fairly certain that my employers and I were engaged in… Read More