If you’ve spent any time with numerically gifted people, like you’ll find at Bourke Accounting, you’ll notice that they have one universal commonality: they can’t stomach clutter. Unsurprisingly, detail-oriented bookkeepers and tax preparers can’t help that their meticulous natures cross over to the physical. For example, Bill, our fearless leader, nonchalantly checks out our desks… Read More

The television in Bourke Accounting’s waiting room is usually tuned to bucolic forest stream scenes or gently swaying flowers amid rolling fields. However, last week was a little different. Last week, Bourke Accounting’s TV took a break from the peaceful and entered the anxiety-inducing world of election coverage – and whether you voted for That… Read More

The way things are going, wouldn’t it be nice to leave the corporate world behind? Have you ever considered buying a little farm, waking to the sound of roosters each morning and filling your days with the good, honest work of teasing a living from the land. Sure, your muscles will ache, but clean dirt… Read More

Even during these chaotic times, The Bourke Accounting Book Club is still reading. Recently, the selection was Sara, Book 1, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Basically, the premise is that if you put positive vibes out into the world, good things will happen to you. Instead of telling yourself what you don’t want in life,… Read More

The above meme made the rounds on social media a while back (variations of it still show up, often including threats of rotary phones, as well). After reading it, maybe there’s a little chuckle, a flicker of superiority and perhaps a muttered, “Millennials are useless,” before scrolling on to the next image. Obviously, memes aren’t… Read More

Although I’ve said it a million times, I’ll say it again: Bourke Accounting is very pet friendly. If my dogs were to get sick, my bosses would allow me time off – without repercussions – to care for them. That’s because Bourke bosses acknowledge that my ill-mannered puppies are family; you will never hear a… Read More

We learned all about Social Security in elementary school. As a kid, it seemed like a pretty sweet deal: you work hard all your life, you contribute some of your check each week and, years later, Big Daddy Government gives everything back; it sounds like a safety net mixed with a gently forced retirement plan.… Read More

Considering our current viral interloper, health care and health insurance are more important than ever. We hear reports of parents too afraid of the specter of homelessness to seek medical attention for sick children. Anecdotal stories of entire families struggling through Corona infection, without doctor involvement, have become commonplace. If we didn’t know that health… Read More

Bourke Accounting has nothing but respect for our postal carriers. We understand that they perform a hard and physically demanding job. We also understand that mail delivery is vital and postal carriers must be held to a higher standard than other types of workers. Americans must be able to trust that the civil servants with… Read More

After watching a vampire movie, do you spend the next hour smiling mysteriously and secretly believing that you would look great in a cape? What about when you view a good old-fashioned bullet, punch-‘em-out, tough guy action flick like The Doorman? Do you walk down the street with a new swagger, just wishing that some… Read More