In 2018, Gerald Cotten, the founder of QuadrigaCX, “Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange” ( died from Crohn’s disease. He was on his honeymoon in India. I didn’t know that Crohn’s disease could kill you; I thought that you just used the bathroom a lot. Authorities are kind of wondering about this Death by Crohn’s, too, and… Read More

Last year, your cousin’s ex-wife’s gardener’s brother’s dog-walker prepared your tax return. And…it didn’t quite turn out the way you were expecting. Perhaps your cousin’s ex-wife’s gardener’s, etc. accidentally added another zero to your charitable donations. Perhaps he/she forgot to include that $15,000 1099 income. Either way, the IRS would now like to have a… Read More

Most of us have received an unsolicited email regarding a certain Nigerian prince who, inexplicably, needs help getting his money out of Nigeria. I was 22 when I received my first email. It seemed very strange that a prince from another country would seek out a college student, living on Ramen, to secure his money.… Read More