Bourke Accounting professionals are practical and they are ethical. If you forget to include some extra income, your Bourke Accounting tax preparer will quietly fix the problem; they won’t report you to the IRS for attempted tax fraud. While I consider myself a pretty ethical person, I wonder if maybe I’m just a touch too… Read More

I have received my stimulus payment. Yes, I got that “big fat beautiful check” with someone’s name on it (actually, it was direct deposited). Even though I feel guilty about receiving money when so many are out of work, I’m not as altruistic as I’d like. Instead of donating it, I am saving it for… Read More

Since I fill in for Phil as Phil Jr. at Bourke Accounting, I’ve been fielding a couple of calls here and there. Naturally, the most common caller right now has questions about their Coronavirus Stimulus check. First, there’s the inquiry regarding when it will come. I hip everyone to the IRS’ website – coming in… Read More

Unpopular Opinion Time: I don’t believe The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act is a good idea. Just in case you aren’t aware, this stimulus package is the “biggest fiscal stimulus in American history” ( at $2 trillion. This has been introduced as relief for the millions of Americans out of work as a… Read More

Years before Bourke Accounting, I worked for an attorney. He told an anecdote about someone who was in a coma for a couple of months. During this time, her stock portfolio lost a lot of money as a result of some very risky investments. The broker claimed that he had received requests for every one… Read More

I love spin-offs. As a kid, watching Mork & Mindy, I was taken aback when my dad remarked that Mork from Ork had originally appeared on an episode of Happy Days. At that point, I still wasn’t totally convinced that TV actors weren’t tiny people living inside that box, so the idea that they could… Read More

It’s been gloomy in Louisville. So sometimes, after a busy Bourke Accounting tax season day, I go to the tanning salon (I know, I know, it’s not great for me, but I’m not going full-tilt George Hamilton here). The subject of taxes came up while I was speaking with the young woman behind the counter.… Read More

Before starting at Bourke Accounting, I worked with a felon. He shot a guy in the butt with a .22. He maintained that shooting little buddy in the butt was his intention, but I tend to think it wasn’t. He was a good guy, wasn’t any more dangerous than our non-felonious crew and was a… Read More

I’ve mentioned before that some of us don’t have retirement plans. Because of this, a few members of our elite demographic may not be aware of the difference between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA (I’m not even getting into backdoor, SEP or SIMPLE IRAs here). In case you don’t know (and this will… Read More

You know, as a self-proclaimed rebel, I am actually very conservative when it comes to working. I like being at Bourke Accounting because, if I show up every week and do my job, there’s a paycheck in my account come Friday. Same hours, same pay, no surprises. How did I become so boring? This is… Read More