It’s not easy to forget to do your taxes when you work for tax preparers like the ones you’ll find at Bourke Accounting.  Between getting your W2 placed right in your hand, mailing out tax organizers and talking about nothing but taxes all day, you would have to deliberately will yourself to neglect your own… Read More

It can’t be stressed enough: tax season is a big deal for your accountant.  At Bourke Accounting, we’re busy all year ‘round, but tax season?  Tax season is the Big Show, Senior Prom and a heavyweight fight in Vegas all rolled into one.  We start preparing for our time to shine way before you even… Read More

                            Can you feel that? There, right there! Surely you must have felt that…no? That’s okay, Tax Season is coming whether you’re ready or not! Last Tax Season disappointed the experts over here at Bourke Accounting. The extended deadline robbed them of… Read More

If you’ve spent any time with numerically gifted people, like you’ll find at Bourke Accounting, you’ll notice that they have one universal commonality: they can’t stomach clutter. Unsurprisingly, detail-oriented bookkeepers and tax preparers can’t help that their meticulous natures cross over to the physical. For example, Bill, our fearless leader, nonchalantly checks out our desks… Read More

The way things are going, wouldn’t it be nice to leave the corporate world behind? Have you ever considered buying a little farm, waking to the sound of roosters each morning and filling your days with the good, honest work of teasing a living from the land. Sure, your muscles will ache, but clean dirt… Read More

You can say a lot of unkind things about the Internal Revenue Service and the assorted financial powers that be. However, you can’t say they’re not thorough and you can’t say they’re not fast (when they want to be). For example, in mid-March, when most of us were searching for toilet paper and looking down… Read More

Sometimes, the Universe seems to gently nudge us in the direction it wants us to go. Like, if a flat tire kept you from attending a party where everyone got Salmonella, you’d say, “Whew! The Universe looked out for me.” Whether the Universe was playing favorites or not, you avoided four straight days in the… Read More

  Recently, a reality television host and “billionaire” has been accused of not paying his federal income tax for years. Civilian taxpayers roll their eyes, think “how stupid/greedy can one guy be?” and move on to the next article. Wealthy celebrities in tax trouble aren’t new; we’ve witnessed rich folk like Wesley Snipes and Willie… Read More

The year Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it to the Supreme Court, I had a hip, young, Converse-wearing math teacher. He delighted in telling his female students that we could be anything: if a door closed in our faces, we were made to kick it down, no man-made barriers could hold us back, the world was… Read More

Just as art imitates life, the financial world mirrors the population’s habits. In addition, this logical trajectory includes the Internal Revenue Service – no matter what Americans get up to, the IRS will create a procedure to govern and legitimize it. It’s interesting to note that these bastions of financial civility engage in practices that,… Read More