At Bourke Accounting, I am often accused of leaning towards the “dark side.” While my co-workers are now dressed in summery pastels and floral prints, I’m still favoring mostly black. Bookkeeper Mary regales us with funny stories about her grandchildren; I wonder aloud if the bubonic squirrel found in Colorado is a harbinger of the… Read More

According to Bill over here at Bourke Accounting, I am one of those artsy-fartsy types. I believe this is a fair assessment. I read a lot, I write a lot, perceived “bad” art angers me (I once broke up with a guy because I couldn’t stand his poetry) and I believe that art, no matter… Read More

Most people, including myself, keep repeating the same mistakes – William Shatner Bourke Accounting associates are fairly civic-minded. We tend to drive the speed limit, recycle our metal and clean up after our pets. We hold doors for people, sneeze into the crook of our arms and wear masks when venturing out into the world.… Read More

When the looting starts, the shooting starts – Walter Headley, Miami Police Chief, 1967 When the looting starts, the shooting starts – Person Living in the White House, 2020 The sun wasn’t up yet when I let my dogs out this morning. One of my dogs, racing out of the door, accidentally stepped on a… Read More

Sick days are no fun (legitimate ones, anyway): moping around the house, feeling awful and, maybe for extra happy awesome time, spending a few hours in the doctor’s office. And then there’s the added bonuses of lost money and guilt for having co-workers take up the slack. Sick days are no fun. If you think… Read More

Diversity is good. At Bourke Accounting, we welcome pretty much everyone (unless you kick animals for fun. I swear, you will feel Bill’s highly shined Italian leather loafer if you do that). Our America culture has been greatly improved by the practices and beliefs of other countries. Although a lot of introduced food has been… Read More

More than half of American small businesses cannot survive three months without revenue, while 21% cannot survive a month. – Who told you life was fair? – Everyone’s Mother You did everything right. You worked hard, you saved your money, you opened your business, you worked even harder (you forgot your kid’s hair color… Read More

Bill’s two Labradors, Tess and Loretta, hang out at the Bourke Accounting office. They have comfy beds, strategically placed, along with toys here and there. There is a jar of puppy treats in the break room – Bookkeeper Barbara is notorious for spoiling the girls. These puppies are sincerely loved (if Tess, who is rather… Read More