Business meals at a restaurant are now fully tax deductible — at least for the next two years. To promote increased business spending at restaurants, the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021” directed the IRS to increase the deduction from 50% to 100% of the cost of food and beverages provided by a restaurant. The IRS had… Read More

Even before the pandemic, you wouldn’t have bumped into your friendly neighborhood Bourke Accounting expert in an underground dance club.  Some Bourke workers were simply never interested in the light shows, the thundering bass or the questionable party favors.  Other Bourke natives (like a certain gentleman accountant or a specific civilian writer) actually did spend… Read More

Good co-workers are like staple removers: they’re incredibly useful and, once you’ve experienced one, you can’t imagine ever going without. Take Bourke Accounting for example. If you were to step into Bourke’s breakroom, you’d be amazed at the amount of information going back and forth. Having relationship issues? There’s a co-worker to encourage you not… Read More

  Recently, a reality television host and “billionaire” has been accused of not paying his federal income tax for years. Civilian taxpayers roll their eyes, think “how stupid/greedy can one guy be?” and move on to the next article. Wealthy celebrities in tax trouble aren’t new; we’ve witnessed rich folk like Wesley Snipes and Willie… Read More

The unofficial motto at Bourke Accounting is “Pay Attention.” While this is true for most companies, it’s really important here, as we’re dealing with your money. If there’s one slip of the keyboard and you receive a letter from the IRS, Bill becomes angry – and just like certain big green superheroes, no one likes… Read More

A friend of a friend called the other day after learning that I work for Bourke Accounting. She wanted to know why she only received $1,200 as her stimulus payment and not $2,400. As a single mother of a 25-year-old son (with a family of his own), Facebook told her that she’s entitled to double… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, I am often accused of leaning towards the “dark side.” While my co-workers are now dressed in summery pastels and floral prints, I’m still favoring mostly black. Bookkeeper Mary regales us with funny stories about her grandchildren; I wonder aloud if the bubonic squirrel found in Colorado is a harbinger of the… Read More

According to Bill over here at Bourke Accounting, I am one of those artsy-fartsy types. I believe this is a fair assessment. I read a lot, I write a lot, perceived “bad” art angers me (I once broke up with a guy because I couldn’t stand his poetry) and I believe that art, no matter… Read More

Most people, including myself, keep repeating the same mistakes – William Shatner Bourke Accounting associates are fairly civic-minded. We tend to drive the speed limit, recycle our metal and clean up after our pets. We hold doors for people, sneeze into the crook of our arms and wear masks when venturing out into the world.… Read More

When the looting starts, the shooting starts – Walter Headley, Miami Police Chief, 1967 When the looting starts, the shooting starts – Person Living in the White House, 2020 The sun wasn’t up yet when I let my dogs out this morning. One of my dogs, racing out of the door, accidentally stepped on a… Read More