Yet again, the holiday season is responsible for tension and social disagreement.  As a personal aside, I have never been so insulted in my life!  Yesterday, my co-workers decided that I am the official Bourke Accounting Scrooge in residence.  Usually, Bourke workers get along like a Christmas tree a-fire, but this unwarranted designation will not… Read More

When I started at Bourke Accounting, one of my Bourke bosses told me about an incident that had occurred early in his career at his first job.  It seems that a client said some pretty X-rated stuff to an administrative assistant.  My Bourke boss was having none of it and “fired” that client on the… Read More

Bourke Accounting does the holidays to the extreme for its employees.  However, Bourke management really outdid themselves for us this year and we’re starting to understand why.  At the beginning of our shared Covid odyssey, Bourke workers randomly spoke about holiday travel plans.  Some lamented that their homes would be transformed into hostels for out-of-town… Read More

No, no, no. Bourke Accounting will not bombard you endlessly with holiday talk for the next three months. You’ll be getting enough of that soon and Bourke doesn’t want to be part of the problem. And yet, and yet there is one more little thing to think about regarding the upcoming festivities… A lot of… Read More

Away in a manger, let’s steal from a stranger… Wait, what? Porch pirates, brethren, I am talking about porch pirates. Those low-down, bilge rat, picaroon knaves (sorry, I got into the pirate thing). In case you don’t know, a porch pirate is a delightful breed of individual, perhaps walking in your neighborhood at this moment,… Read More