Last year, your cousin’s ex-wife’s gardener’s brother’s dog-walker prepared your tax return. And…it didn’t quite turn out the way you were expecting. Perhaps your cousin’s ex-wife’s gardener’s, etc. accidentally added another zero to your charitable donations. Perhaps he/she forgot to include that $15,000 1099 income. Either way, the IRS would now like to have a… Read More

It is October 17, 2019.  Did you know that, exactly 32,142 days (or 88 years) ago, Al Capone was sentenced in court for tax evasion? First, let me start by saying that I, in no way, condone crime, organized or otherwise.  Let me further continue that there will always be a special place in my… Read More

I learned something about planning and patience this morning on my way to work.  It’s Monday and I left my house three minutes late; being fairly new to Bourke Accounting, I was going mental.  I am in my probationary period and I have become accustomed to arriving at least  15 minutes early.  I told myself to… Read More