At Bourke Accounting, I am often accused of leaning towards the “dark side.” While my co-workers are now dressed in summery pastels and floral prints, I’m still favoring mostly black. Bookkeeper Mary regales us with funny stories about her grandchildren; I wonder aloud if the bubonic squirrel found in Colorado is a harbinger of the… Read More

I don’t know how to say it differently. I don’t know how to scream it any louder. If I were to say, very nicely, over and over, “Please, 2020, the bar has turned the lights on, it’s time to leave,” do you think 2020 would settle up and go away? Just when I thought this… Read More

No one has student loan debt at Bourke Accounting. This is especially nice for me, as I’d feel kind of stupid spending 10-21 years paying off the ability to write a paper on Beowulf. Oddly enough, that’s not a talent most 9-5 jobs are really clamoring for (I know! I’m surprised, too!). Even though the… Read More

Bourke Accounting doesn’t believe in body shaming. This is not because Bourke employers fear lawsuits; this is because body shaming is cruel, infantile and inappropriate. In addition, my Bourke boss, Bill, understands that a hostile work environment inevitably leads to a decrease in work production. While Bill might be a decent fella, the bottom line… Read More

Sick days are no fun (legitimate ones, anyway): moping around the house, feeling awful and, maybe for extra happy awesome time, spending a few hours in the doctor’s office. And then there’s the added bonuses of lost money and guilt for having co-workers take up the slack. Sick days are no fun. If you think… Read More

  Announcer: From Generation X, the generation that brought you Grunge, wholesale tattoos, piercings and a cynical world view, let’s all welcome a complete lack of retirement plans! Audience of Gen Xers: Yaa – wait, what’d he say? Bill over here at Bourke Accounting randomly gives me interesting articles. Yesterday, he gave me one that… Read More

Dedication is a funny thing. There are some people out there who are willing to suffer, and sometimes die, for their passion. For example, Ludwig Van composed his “greatest works…including the Ninth Symphony” ( while completely deaf. Marie Curie died of “aplastic anemia from exposure to radiation” ( caused by her research. And then there’s… Read More

I have conducted job interviews and I have hated it. In the beginning, I wanted to hire everyone who walked through the door. It took 3 bad disappointments to make me not want to hire anyone. For example, there was the guy who couldn’t figure out how to operate a cup. A drinking cup. A… Read More

Since starting work at Bourke Accounting on September 30th, I have never arrived late. I am a grownup and know how both punctuality and alarms operate. I don’t know the repercussions for lateness (I could read the Bourke handbook, but I like surprises), and unless something catastrophic occurs, my perfect record will remain and I… Read More

You ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. What you received was 4 large milks, a ketchup packet and a blank stare when you complained. And these guys want more pay? Well, yeah, kinda. Minimum wage jobs usually aren’t very fun. In the minimum wage world, a worker can look forward to hard work, rude… Read More