Kill them with kindness, show some chutzpah – Stephanie Rach’s mom Do you know what’s better than fancy cars or free money?  Interesting people.  An unexpected perk of working at Bourke Accounting is the opportunity to interact with interesting people on a regular basis.  For example, I recently interviewed two fascinating business owners for Bourke… Read More

It’s amazing how some decisions, theoretically made with a clear head, can lead to completely disastrous outcomes.  For example, if you had your tax returns done by a certain well-known strip mall “accounting firm” instead of Bourke Accounting last year, you might have noticed a delay in your second stimulus payment.  For some reason, the… Read More

Spector was the ultimate example of the art always being better than the artist. – Stevie Van Zandt Spector was a murderer and an abusive maniac. – Drew Carey Bourke Accounting is a good accounting firm.  Our bookkeepers and tax preparers are determined, conscientious and talented.  Bourke may not go down in history as prominently… Read More

From management to me, Bourke Accounting workers are expected to keep their desks neat.  Because searching for important documents wastes time and a bombed-out desk looks bad, this directive makes sense.  Also, it’s much easier to forget an assignment when 20 Post-it notes, haphazardly stuck to the computer screen, vie for priority attention.  Even beyond… Read More

It’s a new year, a clean slate and there are nothing but possibilities on the horizon!  Over here at Bourke Accounting, we’re hard at work preparing for tax season and looking forward to the wild slide to April 15th.  Although we were very lucky to have weathered the lockdown, we know that not everyone out… Read More

Next week is the start of the new year.  Besides unrepentantly neglected resolutions and hangovers, the new year is important for another reason.  The beginning of the new year also means new client tax organizers!  Bourke Accounting clients will be pleased to know that these organizational packets of bliss will be hitting their mailboxes soon! … Read More

Technology is a fascinating thing. The advancements in medicine and engineering are stunning enough, but technology affects humble office workers, as well. For example, Bourke Accounting has a brand-new podcast (stay tuned for some really interesting content!). Using virtual conferencing applications, we have the ability to interview people from all over the country with only… Read More

We learned all about Social Security in elementary school. As a kid, it seemed like a pretty sweet deal: you work hard all your life, you contribute some of your check each week and, years later, Big Daddy Government gives everything back; it sounds like a safety net mixed with a gently forced retirement plan.… Read More

Bourke Accounting’s Bookkeeper Christina was giving me assignments the other day. After glancing at the clock, which read “11:11,” I knocked wood three times, made a wish and thanked the universe. As my Bourke Accounting co-workers know that I’m superstitious, Christina simply ignored my ritual and carried on. I never fold sheets indoors. I have… Read More

It’s a hot and sticky summer night. The stagnant air is alive with the buzzing of cicadas. Oh, no! What’s that slithering through the grass? It’s a venomous copperhead! You’ve never seen a copperhead in your yard before! Why is it here? Oh, right, those cicadas. As it turns out, copperheads very much enjoy cicadas,… Read More