It’s a new year, a clean slate and there are nothing but possibilities on the horizon!  Over here at Bourke Accounting, we’re hard at work preparing for tax season and looking forward to the wild slide to April 15th.  Although we were very lucky to have weathered the lockdown, we know that not everyone out… Read More

Just as art imitates life, the financial world mirrors the population’s habits. In addition, this logical trajectory includes the Internal Revenue Service – no matter what Americans get up to, the IRS will create a procedure to govern and legitimize it. It’s interesting to note that these bastions of financial civility engage in practices that,… Read More

You already know that Bourke Accounting professionals hate thieves. Whether it’s identity thieves, scammers preying on the uninformed or flat-out take the money and run types, Bourke Accounting has no stomach for the whole evil lot. However, there’s another group out there that might be more insidious than the rest. This group takes advantage of… Read More