Stimulus Check? More like Stimufuss Check. All right, all right, that was lame. Okay, what about: Stimulus Check? More like StimuNotForUs Check. That was even worse. I’m going to stop trying. But. I do have a point: There are many problems with the Coronavirus Economic Impact Payments. This week, a lot of us received our… Read More

More than half of American small businesses cannot survive three months without revenue, while 21% cannot survive a month. – Who told you life was fair? – Everyone’s Mother You did everything right. You worked hard, you saved your money, you opened your business, you worked even harder (you forgot your kid’s hair color… Read More

Now, I am angry. I stopped at my local gas station this morning on my way to Bourke Accounting. I was filling up and the lady next to me was cleaning out her car. She emptied her ashtray onto the concrete and then, although there was a garbage can two feet to her left, she… Read More

When I interviewed for my position at Bourke Accounting, Bill noticed that I had earned a degree in Literature. He asked, “What have you been doing with your degree?” I replied, “Well, this, I guess.” Yes, a degree in Literature is rather pointless if one does not wish to teach (and this one doesn’t), but… Read More

Look, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about corona anymore, but please bear with me one more time. I had just gotten home from a productive day of work at Bourke when my pal back home in Bensonhurst, NYC called me with a harrowing tale – he was the victim of a… Read More

Unpopular Opinion Time: I don’t believe The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act is a good idea. Just in case you aren’t aware, this stimulus package is the “biggest fiscal stimulus in American history” ( at $2 trillion. This has been introduced as relief for the millions of Americans out of work as a… Read More

I’m going to stop writing about the coronavirus for a while, but I just had to tell you one last thing.  I can honestly say that the adaptability of the human animal is absolutely astounding and never fails to stun me. Since social distancing was introduced, I asked Bill what was going to happen to the people who make their living by…um…being really physically close… Read More

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. – W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming” I used to cough to hide a fart. Now I fart to hide a cough. – Internet Meme, 2020 Last night was one of the first times that my neighbors didn’t throw a party that ended with shattered glass and people fighting… Read More

You’re walking down a deserted street. The streetlamps above you flicker, throwing the world into stark relief before plunging you into darkness. You’re 2,000 light years from home. A shadowy figure appears in front of you. He has been waiting for you. “You got the money?” he asks, his voice confident, but his eyes wary… Read More

When I was ten years old, my parents, being very permissive in terms of literature, handed me a copy of Stephen King’s The Stand. I found it absolutely interesting/terrifying that, because of a few wrong moves, the population of this fictional Earth was virtually decimated. Of course, this book focused on supernatural concepts of good… Read More