It’s September! And you all know what that means, right?! It’s time to deck the halls, light the menorah and plan your Karamu menu! It’s time for stores and car companies to fast forward through time and space (past the less lucrative holidays) to get to those sweet, sweet December festivals! While Bourke Accounting isn’t… Read More

For a lot of Americans, that clanging early morning alarm is more threatening than a man in a white van asking for help finding his puppy. Wiping jagged bits of sleep from your eyes, you bribe yourself to get going with the promise that there is light at the end of the tunnel; someday, someday,… Read More

Randomly, someone will ask for my Facebook username. When I respond that I’m not on Facebook, I am met with a look that suggests that I might be a visitor from another dimension. Likewise, people find it odd that I work for Bourke Accounting and distrust the stock market. To me, there is no difference… Read More

On July 17, I wrote a Bourke Accounting blog about Kanye West and his interesting bid for the presidency. On July 19, West held a campaign rally in South Carolina, where he unveiled equally interesting concepts. While he has more records, companies and money than most of us, West is basically a civilian with no… Read More

It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours – Harry S. Truman Since I’ve started working for Bourke Accounting, I’ve learned new things; I’m not ready to complete your corporate tax return, but I’ve absorbed some information. Because of this, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t definitively… Read More

Sick days are no fun (legitimate ones, anyway): moping around the house, feeling awful and, maybe for extra happy awesome time, spending a few hours in the doctor’s office. And then there’s the added bonuses of lost money and guilt for having co-workers take up the slack. Sick days are no fun. If you think… Read More

Have you ever started your day by stepping in dog poop on the way to the bathroom (but Fluffy is housebroken!)? Maybe you fought with your significant other, got yelled at by the boss and had your co-worker insult your new pants. In short, have you ever had a bad day? Did you ever consider… Read More

We have to read two sections of the Bourke Accounting Book Club selection, Jen Sincero’s, “You Are a Bada*s” by Wednesday. I haven’t read it yet. The book is sitting on my table. I walk by it every day and promise: I’ll read it when I get home. Annnd then, when I get home, I… Read More

Does the idea of Valentine’s Day fill you with wonder and anticipation? Have you been planning an elaborate spectacle for the last six months to prove your love? Perhaps you’re intending to propose to your intended. If that’s the case, the “Proposal of the Century Package” at the Langham Huntington in California is just the… Read More

Me: I am the receptionist/blogger extraordinaire at Bourke Accounting and I have to be peppy         for my job. I need to deduct my Red Bull. Taxman: No. Me: Awwww (kicking rocks). Obviously, I can’t deduct my energy drinks. After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it wouldn’t make much sense anyway,… Read More