Good co-workers are like staple removers: they’re incredibly useful and, once you’ve experienced one, you can’t imagine ever going without. Take Bourke Accounting for example. If you were to step into Bourke’s breakroom, you’d be amazed at the amount of information going back and forth. Having relationship issues? There’s a co-worker to encourage you not… Read More

Bourke Accounting has nothing but respect for our postal carriers. We understand that they perform a hard and physically demanding job. We also understand that mail delivery is vital and postal carriers must be held to a higher standard than other types of workers. Americans must be able to trust that the civil servants with… Read More

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. – W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming” I used to cough to hide a fart. Now I fart to hide a cough. – Internet Meme, 2020 Last night was one of the first times that my neighbors didn’t throw a party that ended with shattered glass and people fighting… Read More

I used to work with a 23-year-old woman who claimed to be the following: EMT (who assisted the coroner in many autopsies and helped to solve homicides), Registered Nurse, Apache helicopter pilot, Marine, OSHA inspector and forklift driver. She glossed over the fact that she didn’t have a college degree, which almost all of these… Read More

We learned about Benjamin Franklin in grade school; keys, lightning and the Declaration of Independence. We were taught his pithy and interesting quotes – my favorite is “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Our 3rd grade teachers informed us, with great pride, that Benjamin Franklin was a patriot, writer, newspaper… Read More

  You’re not going to die this minute (I don’t think), but you are going to die at some point. Now that we have that uncomfortable fact out of the way, I have an uncomfortable question: do your loved ones know what your final wishes are? Do they know what you want done with your… Read More

  There are many “Words of wisdom” out there: Don’t run with scissors.  Don’t take a bath with a toaster.  Don’t eat green chicken.  These all make a lot of sense.  In these new and interesting times, I think one really important concept is overlooked: Don’t Tattle on Yourself.  This is pretty similar to don’t… Read More