I didn’t sell out, Son, I bought in.  Keep that in mind – Dad, SLC Punk! Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and accountants like numbers.  Bourke Accounting professionals also like money.  It is because of these harmonious interests that our experts enjoy coming to work in the morning.  In addition, these mathematically minded individuals are never asked to… Read More

It can’t be stressed enough: tax season is a big deal for your accountant.  At Bourke Accounting, we’re busy all year ‘round, but tax season?  Tax season is the Big Show, Senior Prom and a heavyweight fight in Vegas all rolled into one.  We start preparing for our time to shine way before you even… Read More

Recently, Bourke’s Super Podcast featured Phil, Bourke Accounting’s Administrative Executive.  During his interview, Phil spoke about seeing The Black Crowes perform and marveled at how great they play live.  The comment was made that it’s obvious who uses studio trickery when a band is left all alone in front of an audience – poor musicianship can’t be… Read More

Bourke Accounting professionals are fairly civic-minded; we know that we don’t live in a vacuum and, as humans, it’s sort of our job to help each other. This is not to say that we’re over here, single-handedly saving the world, but we do what we can. This fact has become pretty apparent now that the… Read More

                            Can you feel that? There, right there! Surely you must have felt that…no? That’s okay, Tax Season is coming whether you’re ready or not! Last Tax Season disappointed the experts over here at Bourke Accounting. The extended deadline robbed them of… Read More

Bourke Accounting professionals and Santa Claus have one important thing in common: they both know if you’ve been bad or good. Unlike judgmental Santa, though, if you’ve been bad, Bourke Accounting tax preparers won’t abandon you to your coal-filled fate. If you cashed out your 401(k) early to invest in a remake of Battleship Earth,… Read More

Like a lot of you out there, we at Bourke Accounting are changing our Thanksgiving plans this year. Most of us will be avoiding the road trips, with tinfoiled casseroles held precariously on knees, and relatives’ crowded tables. None of us made the decision lightly – and we are bummed – but at the end… Read More

Technology is a fascinating thing. The advancements in medicine and engineering are stunning enough, but technology affects humble office workers, as well. For example, Bourke Accounting has a brand-new podcast (stay tuned for some really interesting content!). Using virtual conferencing applications, we have the ability to interview people from all over the country with only… Read More

If you’ve spent any time with numerically gifted people, like you’ll find at Bourke Accounting, you’ll notice that they have one universal commonality: they can’t stomach clutter. Unsurprisingly, detail-oriented bookkeepers and tax preparers can’t help that their meticulous natures cross over to the physical. For example, Bill, our fearless leader, nonchalantly checks out our desks… Read More

Back in the day, before Bill joined Bourke Accounting, he lived in the city of New York.  Recently, he spoke about getting his first apartment in Manhattan. While it was only a block from the subway, it wasn’t nice. Bill described it as a dark, ground floor, roach motel of a place in a questionable… Read More