You’re walking down a deserted street. The streetlamps above you flicker, throwing the world into stark relief before plunging you into darkness. You’re 2,000 light years from home. A shadowy figure appears in front of you. He has been waiting for you. “You got the money?” he asks, his voice confident, but his eyes wary… Read More

  Between pedestrian-killing, self-driving Ubers, weird things that Amazon’s Alexa is known to say and robot cops that tell people to go away when a crime is reported (and then sing a little song), there are still a few kinks to work out with automation. For example, the New York City subway once employed booth… Read More

Away in a manger, let’s steal from a stranger… Wait, what? Porch pirates, brethren, I am talking about porch pirates. Those low-down, bilge rat, picaroon knaves (sorry, I got into the pirate thing). In case you don’t know, a porch pirate is a delightful breed of individual, perhaps walking in your neighborhood at this moment,… Read More

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase are joining forces to form an independent health-care company for their employees. This alliance of the three business titans, which boast a combined 1 million workers, reflects corporate America’s increasing frustration with  “the state of the nation’s health-care system and the rapidly spiraling cost of medical treatment.” The… Read More