I did it.  I finally did it! I feel like I bumped into Gandhi at Walgreens.  I feel like I sat down at Bull McCabe’s and shared a drink with Richard Hell.  This is the level of coolness regarding my latest experience. I met a former Chippendales dancer. For those of you unaware, Chippendales was a place where,… Read More

At Bourke Accounting, we have a mandatory lunch meeting every week. Management buys food, I eat, I look interested and wait to hear my name.  It’s actually very pleasant.  It was at one of these meetings that Tim and Barbara discussed the concept of Unclaimed Property and Funds in Kentucky. Barbara (come see her, you will… Read More

My pal used to run a construction business.  As it turned out, it wasn’t as lucrative as he would have hoped and he closed it down.  Hey, what can you do?  It was worth a shot, better luck next time, no harm, no foul, right?  He filled out paperwork to dissolve the business, got a… Read More

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  This has nothing to do with finances.  It if gets past my handler/censor (Hi, Bill!), I hope you like it. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived deep in the woods with her mother and father.  She tried her hardest to be a good child.  Her… Read More

I am vastly confused by popular culture. One of my little cousins is strangely obsessed with the Korean boy band, BTS . They are a fairly innocuous, synthesized, rather non-threatening group of dancing young men.  Naturally, the band consists of the dangerous one, the smart one and the sensitive one.  There are a few others… Read More

By the time I was six years old, my parents – having been good parents – had drilled it into my skull that I could grow up to be anything I wanted.  They had faith in me and, I imagine, were suffering delusions of med school, the bar exam, perhaps a Mercedes Benz in the… Read More

It is beginning to be that time of year when Bourke Accounting has a lot of  social functions (parties, seminars, conferences) and everyone likes to hug….or seems to at at least. And there have been some really awkward hugs…like the kiss that never worked out well. I remember once I dated this girl (in high… Read More

This past summer our office air conditioner has been on the fritz and the majority of our (individual) offices have large windows so you can imagine how hot our offices get. I have noticed some of the bookkeepers are crankier than normal. Luckily our conference room is in the back of our office suite and is… Read More

The other day I was standing in line at the grocery store in the 15 items or less line and it was moving very slowly. I assumed it was just my impatience (as I am from New York, and we New Yorkers have “that” reputation) until the lady in front of me said “geeeeez, he’s… Read More

For years, tax prepares have reported payments that meet the requirements (under 71(b)(2)) as deductible alimony by the payer, along with the recipient’s Social Security number, to ensure the recipient reports the matching amount as income. The taxpayers must have a written divorce or separation agreement, and the agreement must meet several tests to be… Read More