Fighting against authority can be a very good thing. If women and men hadn’t fought, slavery would still be practiced, women would still be property and the killing of those who love the “wrong” people would still be permissible. As an intelligent species, it is our duty to rise up and demand fair treatment from… Read More

The year Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it to the Supreme Court, I had a hip, young, Converse-wearing math teacher. He delighted in telling his female students that we could be anything: if a door closed in our faces, we were made to kick it down, no man-made barriers could hold us back, the world was… Read More

Sometimes, it’s good to show your political views. Going to the voting booth is a good way; donating money to your favorite candidate’s campaign is another. However, during these decisive times, passionately arguing for your side at social functions or at work should probably be avoided. Even at Bourke Accounting, where free expression is valued,… Read More

Bookkeepers and tax preparers (like you’ll find at Bourke Accounting) fill a lot of different roles. Besides being financial experts, they are confessors, psychologists and peacemakers. Above everything else, they must be sensitive to their clients. However, tax pros can’t be too sensitive or else they’ll end up taking things personally – a customer with… Read More

Just as art imitates life, the financial world mirrors the population’s habits. In addition, this logical trajectory includes the Internal Revenue Service – no matter what Americans get up to, the IRS will create a procedure to govern and legitimize it. It’s interesting to note that these bastions of financial civility engage in practices that,… Read More

The Bourke Accounting website declares that we think “tax and accounting work is fun” and you are invited to come play with us. If you’ve ever sat down with a Bourke tax preparer or bookkeeper, you know that this is true; our staff likes to laugh. From the music that constantly plays to the sleepy… Read More

Whether you force art or a fart, the result is the same: you end up with s**t – Someone Smart A tax return prepared by Bourke Accounting follows a linear script: W2 wages, interest income, child credit, etc. If you end up owing $17,000, your Bourke pro will feel bad, but those capital gains will… Read More

No, no, no. Bourke Accounting will not bombard you endlessly with holiday talk for the next three months. You’ll be getting enough of that soon and Bourke doesn’t want to be part of the problem. And yet, and yet there is one more little thing to think about regarding the upcoming festivities… A lot of… Read More

Even for the uninitiated, raising a kid looks like hard work. In earlier years, parents had to make sure their kids didn’t stick anything too metallic into anything that held too much electrical conductivity. Now, parents have to keep kids safe from predators, real and virtual, protect them from unseen viruses and try to explain… Read More

Keeping up, non-obsessively, with current events is a good thing. Considering that both the IRS and government seem to get their kicks from shaking things up daily, this is especially true for Bourke Accounting pros. However, Bourke Accounting experts aren’t solely watching the dry world of finance – they keep an eye on everything. Hence,… Read More