My favorite thing as a kid was watching the Olympics (whether it was Summer or Winter); my bothers and sisters and my Dad would gather around our small bulky TV and yelled with joy as the various sports were played out. We’d even bet on the outcome. My brother was a research fanatic and he… Read More

I love to travel and subscribe to many travel magazines and news letters; I even read travel books like a restaurant menu (voraciously)! I thought it would be nice to break up some tax blogs by blogging over a few travel updates. United Airlines changes policy on comfort animals after peacock incident: United Airlines wants… Read More

You might think twice before giving money to you adult child as it could ultimately trigger YOUR financial ruin. The majority of parents with adult kids – 74 percent – continue to help them financially after they reach age 18. More than 80 percent contribute to living costs, such as groceries, health insurance, phone bills,… Read More

We have all worked at places where we look at management and think how on earth is that person a manager. Managers play a  critical role in hiring and motivating employees, enforcing policies and rules, and promoting a fair and productive workplace. This is particularly true for small employers, where a single bad manager can wreak… Read More

Every year, the week before Christmas I have a huge Christmas Party for our friends, families and co workers. Aside from the food –  the big hit of the party are the games, and the favorite game is my version of the “trashy Santa swap.“ Other  people (more refined) have called this game  “Secret Santa”, “White… Read More

A group of grocery store employees teamed up for a very special delivery over the holidays – helping a customer give birth when she unexpectedly went into labor at their Fresno, California shop. After hearing the customer cry out in pain, two workers got down on the floor with the pregnant woman to help deliver… Read More

It is the first day back from our holiday and a New Year! But instead of jumping right into tax talk, I thought we can have some blogging fun. SO, Did You Know… Dog Vision: Scientist think that dog vision in a similar way as a person who has red-green color blindness. Also, dogs can see… Read More