Have you ever had to leave the table while having dinner with someone because of the sounds h/she made while eating? Have you considered committing grievous bodily harm upon your co-worker for clicking a pen over and over? Has a baby crying in the next aisle ever made you feel like fleeing the scene? If… Read More

Have you ever started your day by stepping in dog poop on the way to the bathroom (but Fluffy is housebroken!)? Maybe you fought with your significant other, got yelled at by the boss and had your co-worker insult your new pants. In short, have you ever had a bad day? Did you ever consider… Read More

Years before Bourke Accounting, I worked for an attorney. He told an anecdote about someone who was in a coma for a couple of months. During this time, her stock portfolio lost a lot of money as a result of some very risky investments. The broker claimed that he had received requests for every one… Read More

You know how you can say anything you want about your brother, but if anyone else says something, them’s fighting words? That’s how I feel about the IRS. I understand the necessity of the Internal Revenue Service, I understand the necessity of taxes in general, but I like to make fun of Feds because they’re… Read More

You’re walking down a deserted street. The streetlamps above you flicker, throwing the world into stark relief before plunging you into darkness. You’re 2,000 light years from home. A shadowy figure appears in front of you. He has been waiting for you. “You got the money?” he asks, his voice confident, but his eyes wary… Read More

I like my Bourke Accounting co-workers – because of this, I really hope none of them choke, have a cardiac episode or experience any incident that requires first aid. My first aid skills consist of poking the victim with a stick until he wakes up or until someone takes my stick (I am good at… Read More

Average football player salary = $2.1 million per year Average teacher salary = $39,249 per year My ma used to be a receptionist (much like your Bourke Accounting narrator), but, as she had always wanted to be a teacher, she earned her degree. When I say that she was good, she was really good. I… Read More

If you wish to live and thrive, let a spider run alive – Anonymous, English Nursey Rhyme (maybe) Back in the long ago, before Bourke Accounting, I was an admin in a warehouse. During a meeting, a cockroach appeared on my boss’ desk (PSA: Keep Your Break Room Clean!). Before my boss could crush her,… Read More

I love spin-offs. As a kid, watching Mork & Mindy, I was taken aback when my dad remarked that Mork from Ork had originally appeared on an episode of Happy Days. At that point, I still wasn’t totally convinced that TV actors weren’t tiny people living inside that box, so the idea that they could… Read More

The management of Bourke Accounting is very generous. Case in point: for a co-worker’s birthday, there was specialty pizza, Bill-bought gifts and a Phil-baked cake. The birthday girl hadn’t asked for any of this; Bourke management simply took it upon themselves to make the lady feel special. That being said, one thing the management of… Read More