The floors are so clean at Bourke Accounting, you could eat off of them (if that’s your thing).  Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers are also pretty clean; they smell good, dress nicely, speak nicely and prepare financial statements nicely.  In fact, if you didn’t know better, you might be tempted to label them as soft.  Because their work is not physically demanding and they exist in a gentle music/climate-controlled environment, you might not think Bourke workers would be useful in the “real” world.  And you would be wrong.

The majority of Bourke employees can fix a malfunctioning toilet with a staple remover.  Some can provide their own food in the wilderness – without poisoning themselves.  Looks can be deceiving, but if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, Bourke Accounting natives are the ones to have on your side.  Since living in our world has become increasingly convenient, what would you bring to the table if the undead were suddenly shuffling around?  There are many things we should all be able to do and here are just a few of them:

  1. Basic maintenance. The world is an imperfect place and things fall apart.  Whether it’s changing a tire or unclogging a drain, we shouldn’t always have to rely on others to get us moving.  An amazing attribute of our modern world is that information is abundant and accessible – step-by-step instructions and videos are available to learn how to fix anything under the sun.  Basic maintenance doesn’t just mean repairs on inanimate objects, however; it counts for human-repair, too.  First aid, like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, can come in handy if your romantic picnic goes sideways (and really, is anything more romantic than saving your beloved from a peeled grape down the wrong pipe?).
  2. Cooking.  As it turns out, living creatures require food.  While you can easily order any type of food in existence, what happens if all internet and telephones go down at once?  The chances of that happening are fairly slim, but you never can tell.  Although having the expertise to create an award-winning Crème Brulee is great, basic cooking is more important.  For example, we know that eating undercooked meat can cause trichinosis and salmonella, but do we know how cooked is really cooked?  Besides just feeding your inner savage, cooking at home is a lot more affordable than the vast array of prepared foods.  Finally, once the basics are mastered, you can move on to impressing your friends and family with Turducken and Baked Alaska!
  3. Starting a fire. For those of us who didn’t join the Scouts, lighting a fire without a match sounds an awful lot like sorcery.  Naturally, we’ve seen it done in movies, we might even understand the mechanics of it, but actually creating fire with two sticks?  A lot of us just can’t.   Fire is a pretty big deal (just ask Prometheus) and, since we might have to brew coffee without a maker someday, we should all make fire our obedient servant.

Doing things with your own two hands is satisfying.  Mastering a difficult task is equally so.  Since studies have shown that learning new things leads to a greater sense of well-being, why don’t we all get happy in the new year?

When you sit down with a Bourke Accounting bookkeeper or tax preparer, you’re sitting with a very knowledgeable professional.  Now that you know Bourke Accounting expertise extends beyond the office, come see what else you can learn from our friendly and well-rounded staff.  Build a fire with Bourke – and get your taxes done, too!

Come see us any time.  Our number is 502-451-8773 and don’t forget to visit our website at  See you soon!

Written by Sue H.