Recently, Bourke’s Super Podcast featured Phil, Bourke Accounting’s Administrative Executive.  During his interview, Phil spoke about seeing The Black Crowes perform and marveled at how great they play live.  The comment was made that it’s obvious who uses studio trickery when a band is left all alone in front of an audience – poor musicianship can’t be disguised with autotune when the engineer was left back at the studio.  However, upon further reflection, this isn’t necessarily true.

Remember how America found out, after the record skipped during a “live” performance, that Milli Vanilli were just a couple of lip-synching finks? Or what about when Ashlee Simpson graced us with a bizarre little jig after her record malfunctioned during her appearance on Saturday Night Live?  After these calamities, we had to acknowledge that, sometimes, recording stars get through performances with a little stereophonic assistance.  We were betrayed, disgusted and just a bit more cynical; at the end of the day, we moved on without psychological damage.

While being lied to by celebrities isn’t fun, sometimes their shenanigans can actually cause us mental distress.  Not only do these people mess with our minds, but they can also inspire us to be just as disingenuous as they are.  Take, for example, Instagram.

It’s no surprise that magazines airbrush their models to create perfect goddesses and gods.  As soon as the very first photo was taken, no doubt someone was close behind with ideas on how to manipulate the image.  For years, young people have been warned against comparing themselves to the unrealistic representations that fill the glossy pages, and for the most part, we see the charade for what it is.  However, social media sites, like Instagram, seem to create and exacerbate disordered thinking.  These sites tend to passively encourage users to one up each other by documenting exaggerated, glamourous lives peopled by the most stunning examples of human pulchritude.  And, a lot of the time, it’s all a load of bull.

When you see an Instagram post of a Kardashian, you know that some editing chicanery is involved.  Even if we’re not sure why someone is famous, we understand that the celebrity is the product and a certain look is expected.  However, these editing techniques have bled into the lives of regular folk.  For example, recently announced that 13% of women admit to editing every selfie they post.  What’s more, 34% of men confess to doing the same (  So, instead of actually taking care of ourselves, we’re simply learning to edit better.

In a chilling move, the makers of the app FaceTune (this is the editing tool that makes people look like poreless aliens) have created a “version that’s focused solely on retouching faces in videos” (  Now, you can clear up your skin, shed a few pounds and puff up those lips, all in moving images.  It’s rather frightening to wonder what the next step in technology will be.

False lives and false images are nothing to aspire to.  While we all want to look nice, photoshopped butts shouldn’t have the power to decimate our self-esteem.  It’s important to keep things in perspective and remember: everyone gets ingrown hairs, everyone gets boogers and a lie is never better than the truth.

Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers always look nice, but they’re not perfect.  While Bourke’s pros keep it genuine on social media, they are just as real with their clients.  A Bourke Accounting expert will never make unrealistic promises and they don’t believe in excuses.  When you sit down with Bourke reps, you sit with the most honest, arithmetically-gifted professionals in the business.

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Written by Sue H.