From top celebrities to grade schoolers, a lot of people are feeling…not quite right; some of you aren’t sleeping well, some of you have lost interest in the things you loved and a lot of you are finding it difficult to control your emotions. Magically and overnight, some have been transformed (to varying degrees) into Jack Torrance, keeping company with vengeful entities at the Overlook Hotel.

And, obviously, some of you are not making it easier on yourselves. Alcohol sales are up, narcotic rates are as high as the people partaking and there’s an increase in people beating each other up in public. Clearly, stress is not being handled in positive ways. Since no one can’t make everything better just by wishing, here are a few more simple tricks to alleviate the malaise and maybe bring a certain kind of peace:

1) Stay off social media/news feeds. You’ve heard it before, but it might be falling on deaf ears. Just because technology has made bad news accessible at the moment it occurs, doesn’t mean anyone should willingly absorb it all. There is a vast difference between being informed and wallowing in heartbreaking details. Give yourself five minutes to skim headlines and then move along. It might sound stupid, but set an alarm and shut your device off when the time is up – no excuses. Also, now is not the time to find that you and your loved ones have differing leanings. Everyone is feeling passionate about a lot of situations and people might say things that aren’t really meant. If you spend too much time on social media, you will discover someone close to you doesn’t agree with your take on things. Don’t end a relationship over a meme. Remember that no one is at their very special best.

2) Get out. Instead of stewing over the state of things, pump up the music, slap a leash on the dog (cat/neighbor’s kid) and get to walking. Acknowledge that the world is still here. Trees and bumble bees still exist, squirrels are still dancing in their questionable fashion. We, as a species, are still here. After unleashing the neighbor’s kid, clean the gutters, sweep the driveway, sing along to Olivia Newton-John. Do anything, as long as it’s mindless and exhausting. Sit outside at night and appreciate the tune of cicadas, relish the slight change in temperature, howl at the moon. Get out.

3) Force yourself to do the things you’ve forgotten you love. Stop giving yourself permission to be miserable. You are not an entitled toddler and it’s time to stop treating yourself as such. The holidays are on the horizon – have you even started Aunt Clarice’s sweater? No, you have not. When was the last time you picked up a book? You love reading, you haven’t been reading and now you’re surprised that you feel weird? It doesn’t matter if you’re tired. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like it. When you’re hyper-focused on the negative, it’s as if you’re constantly staring through a microscope – it’s no wonder the edges have gone dark. Embrace the things that give your life meaning; those things have been patiently waiting for you.

Nobody told you there’d be days like these, but no one ever promised you a rose garden, either. Reach out if you need support, reach out if you see someone suffering. You are not alone. We can either make things better or we can make things worse. It’s up to us to decide.

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Written by Sue H.