Keeping up, non-obsessively, with current events is a good thing. Considering that both the IRS and government seem to get their kicks from shaking things up daily, this is especially true for Bourke Accounting pros. However, Bourke Accounting experts aren’t solely watching the dry world of finance – they keep an eye on everything. Hence, Bourke staff meetings are lively affairs.

Recently, the story of (former) Judge Dawn Gentry’s removal from the bench was the topic of conversation. If you don’t know, Gentry was a family court judge who was stripped of her office after being found guilty of ten misconduct charges ( Some of Gentry’s interests included sexual harassment, booze in chambers, favoritism and actively being a terrible person.

Not matter how skeptical we have become, Americans would like to believe that people in such positions of power are impartial and immune to the baseness of civilian humanity. Since we hold judges to a higher standard, the Gentry story has been dissected endlessly over popular media. However, is this notoriety based on a judge’s disgrace or does the real interest lie in the fact that Gentry is a woman? While America has witnessed numerous instances of male perpetrators, a woman in such a predatory role is still novel enough to give pause.

Take, for example, “girl” super group, The Go-Go’s. It’s hard to think of the ‘80s without humming a few bars of “Our Lips are Sealed.” Oh, yes, The Go-Go’s were such a happy, sweet girl group! Considering the lack of raunchiness in their music, one would think these people were either nuns or built as anatomically correct as Barbie. From mischievous, tom-boy-pixie guitarist, Jane Wiedlin to the cherubic, Campbell’s Soup kid innocence of Belinda Carlisle, this band was totally and completely harmless!

Except they weren’t. First, The Go-Go’s started life in 1978 as a punk band ( Keep in mind that ‘70s punk was not similar to the defanged, mall-punk of today; punk used to be a “take a bottle to the face, take you home for a brief love affair, create great art after” scenario. So, our safe Go-Go’s had a hardcore pedigree – like they say, you can douse the woman in pop, but you can’t scrape away the punk.

Contrary to their songs, The Go-Go’s were musicians. When they hit No. 1 on the charts, they were the first all-woman band to write their own stuff and play their own instruments ( Guitarist Charlotte Caffey was also one of the only ones to be thrown out of Ozzy Osbourne’s dressing room for being too “rowdy” ( In addition, stories related by groupies after a night with “the girls” are told with pride mixed with slight PTSD. The Go-Go’s weren’t any different from their male counterparts. And yet, there are numerous documentaries, articles and books that explore the “scandalous” behavior of these women. Of course, this could be because their Day-Glo music belied their nature, but it stands to reason that it’s really because of that double X.

Women, men, non-binary, we’re all the same. There is no “gentler” sex, there is no “logical” sex. We are all apes running around creating havoc. It’s unfair to hold one sex to a standard that is largely ignored by another. At the end of the day, let’s just treat each other with respect and consideration and call it good.

You won’t find wild parties at Bourke Accounting. And, sadly, if you’re an accounting groupie, you will be disappointed in your Bourke Accounting representative. However, if you require efficient and accurate financial services, Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers are the people to call – female, male or non-binary.

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Written by Sue H.