At Bourke Accounting, one of Bookkeeper Christina’s hobbies is playing bingo. She goes to a bingo hall, has bingo pals and even attends bingo pals’ birthdays parties. The entire thing is just so wholesome. She has invited me to go, but without cocktail servers, I think it might be a little too wholesome for me. I’ll probably change my mind, though. Right about now, I could use some innocent pastimes. I think we all could.

Please allow me to present three harmless hobbies:

1) Reborn Doll Collectors. A reborn doll is a freakishly realistic looking baby doll (pictured above). These things look so much like real kids that police officers have broken windows in order to save them from hot cars ( They can run from about a hundred bucks to anywhere in the thousands; the most expensive was sold on eBay, a limited edition named Joelle, for $22,600 ( Those in this specialized subculture change their dolls’ diapers, talk to them, dress them and cuddle them. It could be argued that it’s bizarre for grown (mostly) women to play with dolls, but I still read comic books, so I’m not one to talk. Also, these people don’t actually believe the dolls are real ( Of course, there are those who pretend to be pregnant while they wait for their custom-made dolls to arrive, but that’s not the norm ( Finally, they might be sort of creepy, but they’re so lifelike, they really are works of art. I wouldn’t want one in my house, but I can appreciate the workmanship.

2) Coupon Clipping. If the amount of videos are any indication, there are a lot of people who find coupon clipping very relaxing (seriously, these videos just show people clipping coupons. Sometimes while whispering about the savings). Also, there are a lot of websites dedicated to the frugal. For example, one, called, offers sneak peaks into the coupons that will be available soon. This site also speculates whether or not drone delivery services will accept coupons. Another site,, invites readers to share “shopping successes” using pictures of items and the coupons. They also encourage readers to brag regarding how much they saved. I don’t want to be condescending, but this is just too cute!

3) Dungeons & Dragons. If you’ve never played this, it’s really fun. This is a game where all of the players create their own characters and then one person (“The Dungeon Master” – hey, mind out of the gutter) invents a storyline. Then, everyone sort of wanders around in this made up world. Your success on different missions depends on the roll of the funny looking dice. This game is reliant on a lot of imagination, which, obviously, is cool. You can play D&D in Billy’s mom’s rec room or, if you happen to be very adventurous, you can go out into the real world and act things out (also known as LARPing – Live Action Role Playing). I was never good at LARPing, though – keeping a straight face while pretending to be a 4,000-year-old vampire sorcerer elf was too much for me.

The world isn’t all bad. Sometimes, we can find pretty neat things to distract us from the distress of reality. I’m not saying that everyone should play D&D, while cooing to fake babies and clipping coupons, but find what gives you solace and do it.

Bourke Accounting pros have hobbies outside of work and Bourke Accounting experts just so happen to like numbers, too. Bourke Accounting bookkeepers and tax preparers understand the importance of a good work/life balance. Let a Bourke Accounting specialist share their hobbies while keeping you in a stable financial place. And then we can all go LARPing in the parking lot!

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Written by Sue H.